Friday, April 1, 2011

Daily 5 Forms

Well, I meant to post this last night... but my google docs were not cooperating.  And since I'm still freaked out about that Grey's episode I figured I'd still post it.

Just came home from lacrosse practice and turned on the TV to find a very strange episode of Grey's Anatomy.  Not sure what to think of the freaky glee style out of body experiences... so I'll do some blogging instead.  Anyway... I do parts of the Daily 5 in my room.  It's about this time of the year that I need to "refocus" my students and put some things in place to hold them accountable for staying on task.  I use a student "report" form for Read to Self.  I also use a recording form for Read to Someone.  I'm hoping that you'll be able to use these even if you don't use Daily 5.  Let me know if they are helpful.

Read to Self Report

Read to Someone Recording Form

Tomorrow is my last day before Spring Break!  Yahoo!!!!


  1. Thank you, these are great for accountability!
    Playground Duty

  2. Love your sight. My BIGGEST concern in my first full year of readers workshop is ACCOUNTABILITY! I snagged some great ideas to use with my kiddos....especially in spring....when they think I do not hear them....or see them....messing around! :o)

  3. This is such a great idea for accountability! Thank you so much for sharing these with everyone.


  4. Hi,
    Just wanted to know how do you store these forms once they are filled out?