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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Time for a Super (Bowl) Sale!

The groundhog says 6 more weeks of winter...that's SUPER. Ughhh...

 So, let's focus on all the Super (Bowl) Sales!

Here are some of my favorite products...

Writing My Opinion
(includes rubrics, motivating student prompts, anchor chart pieces)
 (based on the common core, but can be used even if you are not using the common core standards)

 Camp Read A Lot Classroom Campout Fun
Great for March is Reading Month and end of the year celebration!

Nonfiction Penguin Unit 
 I use this unit to introduce animal research.
We study penguins as a class in February to prepare for our animal research in March.

 Digraph Activities 
(literacy work stations, literacy centers, working with words, 
small group work, individual word work)

Animal Research Book
My students use this book as a framework for their own animal research projects.

Funky Fun Vowel Games
(literacy work stations, literacy centers, working with words, 
small group work, individual word work)

Wanna have some football themed fun with your students?
Funky Football Fan Fun
(how to writing, list making, poetry, opinion writing, making words)

Everything in my Tpt store is 20% off today (2/2) and tomorrow (2/3)!
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Monday, April 8, 2013

Bring on Spring Sale!

I love sales! I think you're supposed to clean in the spring...
but I decided to bring on spring in a different way.

I'm having a sale at my Tpt store!  If you've made purchases from my store in the past, please know that I truly appreciate it.  The money I earn in my Tpt store allows my two teacher family to give the college savings accounts for our children a big boost.  The Gillow family is grateful. Thank you!

Here are some of my best sellers...

Animal Research Book (can be used with any animal)

Informational Text Unit
Short Vowel Centers
Sight Word Stories for Beginning Readers

And here are some spring products 
that might be helpful...

A memory book for your students to complete and take home as a keepsake!

A Mother's Day book that your students can give as a gift 
(or you can use the individual pages).

Spring Math Journal Prompts (I have a fall and a winter set as well.)

My most recent additions...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Common Core - Informational Text (+ a freebie)

We had a snow day on Friday and another one today, which gave me time to finish up a few projects that I've been working on.  

We've been working on informational text features. I use my own unit to help my students explore important informational text features.

We practice the new skills we learned about informational text features while we do a little penguin research.  I just posted my Nonfiction Penguin Unit last night.  You can check it out by clicking on the image below.  One of my goals in creating this unit for my students, was to provide a little more depth of knowledge (the focus of the common core standards) before each student writes his/her own animal research report in April.

My students LOVE doing their own animal research reports each year!  They choose their own animal and then they use the animal research book below as a guide for writing their reports.

I've also been working on creating a "nonfiction nook" in my classroom.  Since the common core standards stress the importance of children reading more nonfiction texts, I decided the best way for me to make sure they are reading "more" nonfiction texts is to create a special place (and a special time of the day) for reading nonfiction texts.

My plan is a work in progress (and so is the space), but here is what I've decided so far...

My students choose books for quiet reading, independent reading and buddy reading from leveled bins.  They do not each have their own bin, but I have bins which are leveled for them to choose from.  My students take home 2 books to read each night (from those bins) in a book bag.  I still want my leveled bins to be full of both fiction and nonfiction choices.  

I did pull out lots of nonfiction titles from each bin, and from my cabinets and from my library at home to help create bins full of nonfiction titles.  I'm arranging those bins by category, not be level (although the books each have a leveled sticker on them).  My plan is to start having a 2nd quiet reading time each day when students choose books from the "nonfiction nook".

I purchased bins (because I didn't already have thousands of those, right?), separated books in to the bins by category and made labels.  My handy husband is working on painting a shelf for my bins.  While he is doing that, I'm working on the decor and design of the nonfiction nook.  When it's finished, I'll take pictures for a big reveal.

In the meantime, I want to share the labels that I made.  Perhaps they will be helpful to some of you.  You can download them by clicking on the image below.

Praying for those of you in areas with severe weather!  Back to planning I go...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Weather, Wind and Words

We do a weather unit each year. We use a unit from the Battle Creek Math and Science Center. Our unit is a 16 week unit that we originally worked on for 16 weeks straight. Last year, we decided to try breaking up the lessons in the weather unit. That allows us to teach each type of weather in the season that we are most likely to have that kind of weather in Michigan. So far, that seems to work well for our little learners. 

We started our weather unit 2 weeks ago. So far, we've covered the seasons, tools that measure different types of weather, temperature and wind. 

 Here are my favorite books for our wind lessons.

We made this anchor chart to help us describe the wind, since we record weather data each day.  It's not exactly fancy (and I might have to remake one with the fancy kind of scrapbook paper that I love), but it gives us something to refer to as we record our data.  We added the senses part, because we were working on writing a poem about wind.  The students wanted to include the senses that we use to sense wind on our chart.

Weather related vocabulary is a big part of our unit.  I made a set of weather vocabulary cards to use in a pocket chart throughout the unit.  The set includes 40+ words and two different graphic organizers for weather related vocabulary. 

 Here is a picture of my weather vocabulary chart 
with the words we have learned about so far.

You can click on the image below if you 'd like to check it out in my Tpt store.  

Enjoy your evening!


Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Freebie and a Sale!

Yippee! It's time to start teacher appreciation week! Ok, so I'm a little behind on the Earth Day post. But, I'm sure Earth Day will roll around again next year. Have you ever been so busy that you actually have to go to your school to take a break...the same place where you barely have time to pee, never sit down for more than the length of time it takes to read a picture book and don't ever finish your "list"??? Well, it's been a busy crazy spring, but I've been having all kinds of fun with my students!

Two of my students favorite Earth Day activities include:
an Earth Day mobile

The shape of the Earth is just made of 2 construction paper circles.  Each student rolled tiny balls of green tissue paper to make the landforms.  We added the animals with the animal group labels since we were finishing up our animal research projects. 

My students also did a survey for Earth Day.  Each student surveyed an adult at home to collect information about the things they do at home to help the Earth.  Once all the surveys were turned in, we graphed the information from the whole class and wrote a report about our findings.  You can click on the image below to download my survey and the graph.  The fonts that I used are from and the clipart is from

I'm having a sale in my Tpt store (sale from May 6 - 8th) and at my Teachers Notebook shop (sale from May 5 - May 11th) for Teacher Appreciation Week! Everything in my Tpt store and my Teachers Notebook Shop will be 10% off.  Use the promo code TAD12 during the Tpt sale to get an even bigger discount!

Time to sleep...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Animal Research and Mother's Day

I know...they don't really go together. But, they are both on my "list". Oh, how I love lists (well actually I just love crossing things off)!

My students are wrapping up their animal research reports. I'll try to post a picture or two of their final reports later this week. They worked so hard on their reports and are super excited to share them with their families at our end of the year celebration. Yep, I keep their reports and a few other special things to display at our celebration.

Last year, I made a special report form for my students to use for their animal research reports. Here are the steps I use for the research project:

1. book shop for an animal to research
(I gather all of my leveled nonfiction books about specific animals. I also clear out the library shelves. I scatter the books (by animal) on the tables in my room and let my students "book shop" to pick an animal to research. I have a somewhat embarrassing number of leveled books, so the students have lots of choices. Allowing them to book shop for their animal helps to guarantee that we actually have books about their animal.)

2. The children spend several days taking "notes" to use for their reports. They take notes about everything from habitat to appearance.

3. When the notes are complete, they spend several days writing about each of the same topics in their reports.

4. My students "report" to the class about their animal.

5. The animal research reports will be on display for our end of the year celebration (parents, grandparents and school staff members are invited).

This is the animal research report form that I use.  You can find it at my Tpt store and at my Teachers Notebook shop.

Next up, I'm gearin' up to work on a Mother's Day book with my students.  Every year, I promise myself that I will start the Mother's Day stuff earlier (so I don't have to rush).  It doesn't usually happen, but this year I'm sure going to try.

This is the Mother's Day packet that I made to use with my students.   We make it into a book for them to give to their mom to celebrate the special day.  You can find it at my Tpt store and my Teachers Notebook shop.

In between these two projects (and operation destress my life), I've been working on a common core math review pack.  I'll be posting that in the next couple days.  My dentist had the bright idea that I need to "destress" my life.  I personally thought I was hiding my stress pretty well until the left side of my darn face turned numb and swelled up on Friday.  Turns out I've been clenching my teeth so hard at night that my muscles became swollen (which pinched a few nerves)...blah, blah, blah.  So, operation destress it is.  More sleep, more wine, extra bubble baths, no more moving and I'm practicing saying "NO" really loud.  So far the plan is working just fine.

Enjoy your week everyone!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

5 Senses Freebie

Science Week
Save Now

I only have about 2 1/2 minutes to post this morning. So this is gonna have to be short (for once). We are working on a weather unit in my room. I use this 5 senses web for several different science related topics throughout the year. We make an anchor chart with the same format as a large group about one type of weather. I would love to show you a picture, but I haven't made the chart yet this year. Later in the unit, I use this form to help my students organize their thinking for a writing activity about a different type of weather (their choice). The form is not fancy, but I am able to use it for different activities throughout the school year. You can click on the picture if you'd like to download it.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Science Books for Seasonal Poetry

Science Week

I'm so excited to participate in Science Week by sharing a few of my favorite science books. We just started a unit on weather. Part of the unit focuses on seasons. My students are required to write a 5 senses poem about a season. We use the following books to expose students to poems about different seasons. My students love the poems from these books by Douglas Florian.

Head over to TBA to find the linky party for more ideas of science related books.  

A special thanks to Jennifer from Rowdy in First Grade for organizing Science Week!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Well, I finally got the hang of this showing a sample business.  Here are a few sample  pages from the animal research report.  I posted it on Tpt.  Feel free to check it out!  If you end up being able to use it, I'd love to hear how it went.  I'm also working on some "get ready for summer" writing activities.  I'm hoping to have those posted later this week.

It's finally sunny in Michigan.  Oh happy day...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Animal Research Book

I survived the "Monday after Spring Break".  I must admit... it was not easy.  But, I did it!

My students have been working hard on their animal research projects.   We do an animal research project every year and each time I am amazed how much kids just LOVE animals!  I just added this Animal Research Book on Tpt.  The packet includes pages for an animal research report to help your students record information about whatever animal they choose to research.  Feel free to check it out!

Better do the laundry...