Friday, April 8, 2011

Help! Showing documents/samples?

I'm hoping one of my super techy bloggin friends can help... I've spent so much time on the following 2 problems.  I use google docs... maybe there is a better way?

1.   I want to add a picture of my document and make it a link for people to download.  You'll notice in my previous posts that I can only seem to get a link to work if I highlight text. 

2.  I want to add a few pictures to my blog of samples from some things I want to post on Tpt.  How in the world are you all getting those in those cute little boxes?

Help!  Anyone?  Please...


  1. I have a few google docs tutorials...I'm not sure which one would be helpful (or if any will!):

    Let me know if these don't work for you! :)

    Ladybug's Teacher Files

  2. I have been struggling with the same thing! I can't seem to get a "screen shot" to save as a picture. There must be something I am doing wrong when I make my document, because I can't see a preview in Google Doc either. Maybe sometime I will have time to play around with it more. Good luck and if you figure it out, please let us know what you did.

  3. I probably don't know much more than you, but I Scribd has always worked better for me, but now GoogleDocs is working fine for me too. The easiest way I have found is to take a screen shot. If you have a PC (not Mac)you might have a Snipping tool that allows you to take a snapshot of your document and save it as a picture (i.e. jpg) file. Then you can upload this picture into your post and link it to your TpT store. I like this option also because then it creates a thumbnail for side of your blog which I think is inviting for people who are just finding your blog for the first time. Good luck!

  4. Oh my goodness- sorry for all the mistakes in my post. It must be too early for me. :)