Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ten Things I've Learned From Teaching

Jennifer at Rowdy in First Grade is having a "Ten Things I've Learned From Teaching" linky party.  It's been fun to read all the things others have learned.

My Top Ten
1.  I could stay all day, spend the night, take a cart full of stuff home and still not feel like I am "done" working - SET LIMITS.
2.  Education is one of the greatest gifts I have been given. Teaching is a blessing and a challenge.
3.  There is a way to reach every child.  Don't give up on them.
4.   It's ok to vent... it's very therapeutic for some of us.
5.  I am so lucky to have a job where I don't have to watch the clock and hope the day is almost over.
6.  It is important for kids to have choices, firm limits and love.
7.  When it feels like everyone (colleagues, parents, students, friends) is trying to suck the life out of you... say NO.
8.  I work hard enough not to feel guilty when people make those stupid comments like "well you have the whole summer off...".
9.  New Sharpie and Mr. Sketch markers - love em!
10. You become what you believe.

Yahoo!  It's almost Friday!

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  1. Just found your blog! Love your list and I too lOVE sharpies and Mr. Sketch markers :)