Tuesday, March 8, 2011


A few weeks ago, I was inspired by one of the fabulous ideas from First Grader...at Last! So, we worked on nouns in my room last week. I started by asking each student to bring in a picture of a noun. We used the pictures to make an anchor chart together. Here is the anchor chart and the note I sent home.

I sent the note home with an index card attached... because I'm freakishly annoyed when the pictures are different sizes and don't fit on my chart. The chart on First Grader...at Last is what inspired me to make this anchor chart. The students added their pictures in the appropriate column.
Noun Home Note

We also did a noun search. Each student used a book at their just right level and they searched for nouns. If it had not been a super crazy, jammed packed, assessment week... I probably would have had them use magnifying glasses for fun. Ooops... guess I'll save that idea for next year.
Noun Search

And for a little extra fun (since I didn't think of using the magnifying glasses in time), we worked on a class book about nouns. Each student drew a picture of the favorite person, place and thing. I'm posting the page. I enlarged it on the copy machine so they would have a larger space for their pictures. I still have a few students finishing up their pages. I'll try to remember to post a few pictures of the finished product.
Favorite Nouns Class Book Page

I'm working on a unit that includes nouns, verbs and adjectives that will probably be available on TpT... just not sure when. It is so much fun to read about the fabulous things going on in so many classrooms! Thanks for sharing your ideas and hard work!


  1. I love your noun search!
    Found your page through the pet linky party :)

    Emily @ Playground Duty

  2. Really cute activity! I'm going to bookmark it for next year!

    Takara @ thirstforfirst1.blogspot.com

  3. I tried to download the documents (nouns) and the page that came up said the page could not be found. I was able to get to the google doc page but when I clicked on "download" is when I got the message. Wasn't sure if it was something on my end or yours. Just wanted to let you know in case it was something you could fix.

  4. Ok - I think I fixed the documents so you can download them now. Please let me know if it doesn't work for you. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. Finally got back to check the downloads (spent the day shopping!) and they work now. Thanks for taking the time to check them. My kids will enjoy these! SDNana