Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pets Linky Party

Ladybugs Teacher Files is having a linky party about pets. Check it out! It's so much fun to see pictures of all these pets.

We have two dogs. They are both goldendoodles (poodle/golden retriever mix). They are perfect dogs for our family. Last summer, my husband decided that we should get a puppy. He used the "Daisy needs a friend" speech, but I love Daisy so much that it wasn't hard to talk me into getting a 2nd goldendoodle. Goldendoodles are good dogs for families with allergies (that's us) and it's true that most of them do not shed.

Daisy is cream colored and 2 years old. She is friendly, cautious and loves lounging in her favorite purple chair. She loves long walks and camping with our family.

Kalli is black and 5 months old. Kalli is friendly, a little bossy and loves to snuggle. She loves chasing Daisy and exploring in the backyard.


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