Friday, March 25, 2011

Book Recommendations

Someone asked me about the "Book Recommendation" shelf in my room.  Here is a picture of the shelf - nothin' fancy.  The sign (which you can barely see) just says "Book Recommendations".  The red bin (which is also barely visible) is where we keep the blank recommendation forms.

I use a laminated library pocket to hold the recommendation form beside each "featured" book.  Students are invited to fill out a form for any book that they think is "so incredibly cool that they wish their friends would read it".  The first link below is the recommendation form that we use in my room.  The 2nd link is the sign I use for the shelf.  My "Book Hospital" sign was on the same document, so they are both on this document. 

Book Recommendation Form

Book Recommendation/Book Hospital Signs

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  1. Kimberly- I love your ideas and thank you so much for gratiously giving them to fellow teachers to use. You are truly touching the lives of many more students than just your own through the sharing of your great ideas. I love your reading level changes note but I can't seem to download it. I have been able to download your other wonderful ideas. Am I doing something wrong? Thank youagain so much!!!!
    PS+ I'm from MI too!!!!