Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Handy Husband Rocks!

I love my handy husband! I've recently taken lots of pictures of my classroom to share on my blog. There were so many pictures that included things my incredibly handy husband made for my room that I decided he needed a post of his own. He doesn't know I'm posting about him...but then I don't need signed consent to post about him, right?

His name is Jeff. He is a teacher too. And...did I mention that he is incredibly handy?

A few years ago, I fell in love with an easel that I saw in the Lakeshore catalog.  Before I could save enough money to buy it, voila!  I had an even better one... on wheels, with storage underneath and inside!

This is my magnetic white board easel.
back view - a place to display pocket charts and peg board in case I want to hang other things
This is the storage space on the inside - excuse the mess.
my paper storage shelf - with my name/school name carved into the top
a bookshelf for my leveled sets to use during small group reading instruction

He made the paper storage shelf after seeing my leaning pile of paper for the kids to use.  When I moved to 1st grade from kindergarten, I really wanted a shelf for my leveled sets.  So, Jeff measured my biggest leveled book and my smallest leveled book and made a shelf perfectly suited to be the home for my leveled readers.
These are just a few of the things he has made for my classroom.  He also makes lots of things for our own kids.  He even made this American Girl doll bed for a former student of mine who is undergoing chemotherapy.

 Honestly, I just love him!
Mr. Handy and our little ones.  We are truly blessed.
Sometimes the other teachers in my building ask if Jeff takes orders.  His answer is always no.  But, I always pass along their compliments.  I am a lucky girl!

Thank you, Jeff!  Cause I know he's probably a secret follower. Ha!


  1. You are very lucky! What a guy!

  2. Do you ever loan him out?? What nice things he has made.

    Little Priorities

  3. Aren't handy husbands the best? I have so many things in my classroom that would never have been possible if not for our DIY projects. My husband has attached several whiteboard (actually shower wall from Home Depot or Lowes) so that I have nice new ones, storage benches that fit between desks for the kid's book boxes, mailboxes, bookshelves, etc.

  4. My husband will build/make things for me, too. So, I know how you feel. We get custom made things that have love written all over them :) It makes using them so much more enjoyable. You are a lucky girl.

    I love love the easel! And, the American Girl Doll bed is such an awesome thing to do for that little girl. He does ROCK, you are right!
    I love your blog too!

  5. And he is so handsome too!! :)
    I could loan you mine to cut a tree and you could loan me yours to build a weasel!! Ha! Just teasing! He is very talented. I seem to recall some shop stories involving those boys from high school. :) It looks like you are about ready to tackle the school year. I'm cruising the blogs while I take breaks from cutting laminate. UGH! Oh well, it must get done.
    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

  6. He's awesome! I just love "Handy Honey-Dos"!! {I think they secretly enjoy doin this stuff for us too!} Beautiful work!!
    Christie :)
    First Grade Fever

  7. I love it all! And you have inspired me to write a similar post . . . my handy husband has made so much stuff for me over the years!! Wives of handy husbands are very blessed! (My friends want the same stuff, too. It all depends on the time and energy it took on whether or not my hubs will make duplicates!) :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  8. Aw this is awesome Kimberly! You are very lucky and the furniture is perfect!! Happy new school year :)
    Ladybug's Teacher Files

  9. Awesome! My dad is pretty handy and makes most of my stuff! It's way better than spending money!!

    My First Grade Heart

  10. He did an amazing job on those! BTW, my husband's name is Jeff and he's a teacher too. Can't say he's as handy as yours though. :)

  11. Wow, what a handy and sweet hubby! My husband (unfortunately) is not a carpenter by any means but he is definitely helpful anyway :)
    That easel is amazing!!

  12. I ALSO have a very handy husband! He is what makes my classroom so functional most of the time! LOL! Just today he came in to measure for a piece of sheet metal so I can make a magnet board. :)
    Counting with Coffee

  13. You are so lucky that he is handy and he's a teacher so he knows exactly what you need.

  14. Aw that is a great post! It is great to have a helpful husband. Check out my blog of a great giveaway of chair covers.

  15. I love your post. And it has also inspired me to write a similar one. I don't have a handy husband but I do have an awesome handy dad who has made lots of things for me. Thanks for sharing!
    Coloring Outside The Lines

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  17. Wow, what an amazing easel! Did you ever get him to write about it? I'd love a few more details as to how he made it! I've been dying to make one but I just can't handle the looks for the PVC ones and I would love a way to double it for storage like he did!

    Also love Michigan, originally from there. Go Blue!!! (Hopefully you don't like that other school ;P )