Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Seriously, folks...I don't even like vegetables!

Last year, my students did a research project about eating healthy foods.  
Here are a few pictures of the writing,
 which we published on the back of grocery bags.

And...here is the truth.
I hate vegetables and leftovers.

So, why would I person who hates veggies and leftovers do the Whole30?

Because, sometimes we have to do things that we don't like.  
And...it turns out that it helps you button your pants!

When my co-workers see my lunch, they ask me what kind of diet I am on.
I tell them the same thing every single day.
The Whole30 is not a diet, it is a healthy lifestyle change.

There are tons of rules that go with the Whole30.
Basically it means for 30 days, you eat only meat, veggies and little bit of fruit.
No preservatives.
No sugar.
No Dt. Dew. (I'm still trying to get over that reality.)
You're also not allowed to weigh yourself during the 30 days.
I don't believe in that...so I weigh myself once a week.
It's working.

I am currently on day 23 of the Whole30.

I joined a support group of teacher bloggers 
and we are all doing Whole30 together this month.
The teacher support group has been super helpful!
Even more helpful is the fact that my husband (who is our resident chef) 
agreed to do the Whole30 with me.

Most people who do the Whole30 say they have a burst of energy a few days in.
Some folks claim they slay the "sugar dragon" within these 30 days.
Most people who do the Whole30 say they are inspired to learn to cook new things.
Most people who do the Whole30 say they have the best workouts ever.
People even claim to get "tiger blood" during the Whole30.

My reality is a little different.
I did not have a burst of energy.
But, do mom's who work full time, take grad classes, have a history of sleep issues,
 have kids in travel soccer, travel baseball and dance 
with a husband who is currently coaching basketball 
really have bursts of energy outside the month of July?

I like to bake.  I make great chocolate chip cookies, cakes and desserts. 
I still hate to cook - especially veggies.
And I feel like I might be the only one in the world who hates leftovers.

I also have not worked out once during my Whole30, 
unless you count my dog walks several times a week.
I have a gym membership, 
but I refuse to feel guilty about not using it this month because if
I have to choose between sleeping or waking up at 4:00 a.m. to fit it in...I choose sleep.
I don't know what tiger blood is...so I'm sure I don't have whatever that is. Ha!
I'll get back into my running routine when life settles down, 
but guess what?

The Whole30 is still working.
I sleep better.
I no longer have acid reflux.
My frequent headaches are gone.
I feel like I am in control...instead of chocolate controlling me.
And my favorite pants button!

I wish I could.  But, I won't.

Being healthy makes me happy.
After the Whole30, I hope to continue my healthy eating adventure
with not so many rules and a whole lot more self control than I had before.