Friday, August 12, 2011

More Classroom Pictures

Like so many of you...I have been a busy girl! Here are more pictures of my room. We don't start school for a few weeks, so I still have time to clean up the piles that I left on a few tables and straighten up the things that are crooked.  My room is a very strange shape (all of the rooms in our building have strange shapes).  I can't even figure out what shape it would be closest too to describe it and mapping it with my kids is just a big fat nightmare... but it's large and I do love it!  You'll notice that I'm not finished with a few bulletin boards or they are just empty because I am saving space for something specific that I want to add with the kids.
The view from my door.
word wall and small group area
writing center - I leave my bins empty for open house (which is before school starts).
reading loft and small table for centers and work stations  (The door to the right leads to another classroom.  The door on the left is the bathroom.)
my desk and there is a student computer area  to the right
The bins on the file cabinet in front of my desk are for finished work and work that needs to be finished.  I call the finished work bin the "Hooray for You" basket.  The other basket is called the "Need to Finish" basket.  Scrapbook paper makes me happy, so I like to put a laminated piece in the bottom of each basket (and on the front of my file cabinets).  I didn't cover the whole front of the filing cabinet (which looks so much cuter) because I was trying to "use what I had".  It looks better than it did before and I'll just use any excuse I can to use mod podge. 

math work station area
reading corner

 daily schedule pocket chart
CAFE menu
Don't ya just love my curtains?  I was a sewing fool this summer.  I made those curtains for above the windows (to replace old faded ones), recovered all of my pillows and made curtains for under my student computer area.  The funniest part... I had fabric left over from the curtains, so I made a skirt.  I know... DORK.  Even my 5 year old son said, "You're not seriously going to wear a skirt that matches your curtains, are you?" But, I just love the fabric (it's actually light weight corduroy) and I knew it was gonna make a super cute skirt. So, yes I am!

I started the calendar area and math board, but it's not finished yet.  I've been inspired by so many ideas from other bloggers this year that I'm totally changin' up the calendar routine/area.  I'm also working on my student work display (also the result of teaching blog addict inspiration).  For now though...I'm headin' out to the pool, while it's still sunny!

Mrs. Patterson from Pocket Full of Kinders is having a classroom pictures linky party.  Please stop by her blog to see other classroom pictures or link up your own pictures!


  1. Thanks for sharing I love your desk area!!

    Miss J


  2. Thanks for sharing, your room looks so good!

  3. I love your daily schedule cards! What font or alphabet art did you use? I am anxious to get started on my room. Your room looks great.

  4. The daily schedule words were made using the Funky Chunky alphabet set from Lettering Delights. My schedule cards are available at my Tpt and Teachers Notebook shops.

  5. Love your classroom! I like your math station area, I think I'm going to have to do that in my room too! I'm a new follower of yours :)

  6. I want to put scrapbook paper on my filing cabinet now!!!! :) Your curtains are absolutely adorable - you MUST post a pic of you wearing your skirt next to the curtains!!!!! :) Even though your room is an odd shape, I like it! The reading corner is so cute! GREAT JOB!
    PS I can't believe you pinned my calendar board. I feel honored. Let me know if you want me to explain anything - some stuff wasn't up yet and the dog is for my teacher's pet, etc. Honestly, I'm shocked you pinned it. Seriously.
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  7. Everything looks so beautiful! I love the curtains!
    Rambling About Reading

  8. Hi just found your blog today love it........I want to remake my schedule cards for kindergarten and I love yours.....I already pinned them...what font did you use.....I seen it around but can not find it.
    Thanks Sue :)

  9. I did polka dots last year. I truly have an affinity for all things dots! I love your use of the scrapbook paper too. You room looks awesome.

    I would love for you to join my classroom pics blog hop

    Ms. Patterson
    Pocket Full of Kinders

  10. Kimberly, we need to chat about caldendar time soon. I have an intense hatred for it (so I don't do it), so I'd love to hear your ideas for making it better.

  11. Can you tell me where you got your Math Work Station tubs with the green lids?? LOVE it! Your numbers are so cute!
    Karen :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten