Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pictures of Progress in My Room

One of the things that I love about blogging is that it is really mostly a "positive" experience. So, I don't normally complain via my blog... but good golly Miss Molly was it HOT in my building today! We do have air conditioning, but it is currently broken. I went prepared with my summer hair (a big fat messy bun), a fan and lots of water. I spent most of the day filing and organizing my file cabinets (5). There is nothing pretty about my file cabinets (yet)... so I won't bore you with those.

I still have a lot of work to do, but I took a few pictures to share. I'll start with the before pictures of my room in the condition it was left for summer cleaning.  All furniture is removed in the summer, but our AMAZING custodian puts it all back exactly like you want it for the next year if you leave him a map.  He is fabulous! 
View from door - before picture.

view from my small group table - before picture
reading area  w/my new curtains - I made them myself
One  of my leveled book shelves - in the reading corner but hard to see in last picture

My new mobile in  the reading area.  I made this to match the new colors in my room.
my new magnetic board -love mod podge!
the back view of my fancy clipboard

my once old now new and fancy dismissal clipboard  - front

math work stations
I don't have a fancy display, just a list posted here.  I like to save as much wall/cabinet space as possible for anchor charts and student work.

I use large craft sticks w/student names in the library pockets.  I will probably change/add a few jobs.  I don't have a ton, because I like the students to be responsible for their own "jobs" in many ways.
I'm still busy sewing, cleaning and organizing.  The rest of my room is still a mess, but I will take more pictures soon.

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  1. Looking good! You are so lucky that you have such an amazing janitor! We moved campuses this year so I'm afraid of what my new room looks like! haha! I especially love your mobile and clipboard!

    I'm so new and have NO idea how to link my blog like "Adventures in Teaching" did, but come visit me at lifeofakinderteacher.blogspot.com :)

  2. It was so hot in my room today too! I wore my hair down just in case I ran into any parents but after like 5 minutes it was back up!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  3. What is that wonderful-looking bench kind of thing in your reading nook? I wish I had something fun like that in my classroom!

  4. What a great custodian! It's coming along! Looks good so far!
    Counting with Coffee

  5. Love your curtains and your color scheme! Even though it wasn't- your room looks cool and inviting!

  6. Your room looks great! You're so crafty! I love the clipboard and pan. We don't have air in the summer and it gets HOT!! They don't turn it on for the random teacher to come work in their room. I'll post pics when I'm done but it's going to be a little while yet.

    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

  7. I love everything! I love that ribbon mobile, I saw a similar project done with a light. Your curtains are adorable and your displays are so pretty. I love the idea of fancy clip boards and I'm thinking of making one for all the teachers I work with. Thanks for sharing!
    The Write Handed Teacher

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