Sunday, July 7, 2013

Throwback Thursday (b and d confusion freebie)

Happy 4th of July everyone! 
 I'm celebrating with my family at the lake here in Michigan.  
The sun is shining. The birds are chirping.
We are going to start the day with a long bike ride along the lake.
Then a little beach time, followed by another bike ride into town to watch the parade.
Back to the beach for the 2nd night of fireworks tonight.
Life is good and we are so grateful for our freedom
(and especially those who fight for it for each of us).

I'm linking up with Cara, from The First Grade Parade for Throwback Thursday.  

This post if from September of 2011.  Whoa...

So many beginning readers seem to experience b and d confusion. Many of the teachers who helped me learn to teach reading use the "check your bed" strategy to help students distinguish between b and d. I recently made my own signs to use to prompt students who are confused when they get to a word with a b or a d.
Click on the image below if you'd like to download my signs (the 2nd one is a real photograph).

This is what I say to a student when he/she is not sure if a letter in a specific word is a b or d.
1. Is that a "b" or a "d" in that word?
2. Put your fists together and stick your thumbs up. (like the picture)
3. Slowly say "b-e-d". (Teacher - Trace the b that their left fist makes with your finger while you say the sound for "b". Trace the d that their right fist makes with your finger when they say the sound for "d".)
4. Does the letter in the word look like the b (at the beginning of bed) or the d (at the end of bed)?

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