Friday, July 12, 2013

Classroom Rules and Motto Freebie

Happy Friday! I was too busy enjoying a boat ride around the lake yesterday to do this post. Oh, how I love summer. So, I'm going to link this to two different parties today...

Freebie Fridays

Last September, I posted about my classroom rules and our classroom motto (which is one that I found on Pinterest). I modified the motto throughout the year with my students and this summer I made new versions of both signs to match my classroom decor. You can read the old post here.

Why do I only have 2 rules?  I only have 2 rules because they are easy for my first graders to remember and each one of the things from the motto can be sorted to go with one of the rules.  I let the kids discuss the things from the motto together in groups and do the sorting as we introduce the rules/motto during the first few weeks of school.  You can read about that (and see pictures) in the original post above.

 If you'd like your own copy of my rules and motto for your classroom, you can click on the first image below. Please follow my blog and my store if you download.