Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's here! It's here!

I've been waiting (not so patiently) for my Erin Condren Life Planner to arrive. Yippee! Yahoo! It's here!!!

 If you are not familiar with Erin Condren products, you should really check them out. I've been admiring her products (and visiting her website to listen to the pretty noises that the menu items make when you hover over them) for a whole year.

Honestly, I hesitated to buy another paper planner (because I've been using google calendar for a couple years). Google calendar is lovely, but I decided that person in charge of organizing a family with 2 teachers, 2 kids, dance classes, performing company, piano lessons, travel soccer, baseball and church events deserves a fancy planner. I will still use google calendar a bit, but with so many different things on our schedule, I really needed something else to help me stay organized. And I'm oh so incredibly happy that I splurged on myself  our family!!

I read lots of reviews on the Life Planner and everyone seems to mention the pretty packaging.  Well, that's no joke.  I hope the folks in the Erin Condren packaging department know how ridiculously exciting it is for a person like me to open the beautiful package!  My package even contained some extra surprises.  I was in love with their customer service before I even laid eyes on my new planner.

I selfishly hid from my other family members so that no one would "mom", "mom", "mom" me while I focused on opening my present, prize, new and improved organizational tool.

And there it was...

I chose my own color scheme and font and I'm in love!
I stared at it for about 20 seconds before I picked it up wondering 
if anyone but a teacher would be this excited about a calendar.
Then I remembered all the reviews and YouTube videos 
that I watched of other really excited customers.

The cover and the back is laminated, 
but with the hard kind of laminating 
that is normally too expensive for teachers to use!
The spiral binding allows it to lay flat enough for me 
to keep staring at the pages inside.
And, it's the perfect size to carry to a meeting, 
but not so big that the edges would get bent in my teacher bag.

Monthly Layout

When you order from Erin Condren, 
you can choose to start your planner any month.  
I started mine in September because 
doesn't every teacher think the real calendar year
 should match the school calendar?
(In Michigan, we start school in September.)
Did you know that Erin Condren is the daughter of two teachers and she sells teacher planners as well.

Weekly Planning Pages

Meal planning space, 
nice big boxes for morning, day, and night time activities, 
a to do list down the side...oh my!
Did I mention that I am in LOVE with my new planner?

It's full of inspirational quotes, as if the darn thing isn't inspirational enough!  
It even has stickers for special events.  
I also ordered a sheet of custom stickers since I love stickers to help me organize my family events (soccer, dance, baseball, piano).

I must admit that I worried for a few minutes 
that it might be too pretty to write in...
but once I pulled out my favorite colorful pens 
it seemed ok to just go ahead and dig in.

Erin Condren - Here's your report card...

A+ for customer service
A+ for adorable packaging
A+ for quality products
A+ for durability
A+ for stylishness

I will definitely enjoy planning my life this year!

Another Happy Teacher

I'll be doing a back to school giveaway soon, 
and an Erin Condren gift card just might be one of the prizes!
Stay tuned!


  1. So exciting! It looks beautiful :) Can't wait for the giveaway!

    I'd love for you to check out my blog!

    Mrs. Thompson
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  2. I can get excited about stuff like that, too.

  3. So exciting and beautiful!! I finally decided I NEEDED a teacher planner and ordered one last week. Can't wait for it to arrive!

  4. I TOTALLY understand this post! I purchased one for Mother's Day - for MYSELF! :)

  5. I just got my teacher planner last week! LOVE IT!!!