Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October Currrently

It's time for Farley's Currently! I'm linkin up with Farley (from Oh Boy Fourth Grade) to share what's happening currently.

I love fall!  I'm so excited to make pumpkin bread and apple crisp with my kids (at home).  All year, I look forward to having at least one  Saturday afternoon full of baking, football and crisp fall air. 

On Monday, my husband (dad, chef, teacher, coach and dancer extraordinaire) will celebrate 13 years of marriage.  I'm a lucky girl (not just because he is our chef).  He puts up with me...which might not be easy.  We are total opposites in some ways.  He is spontaneous (me, not so much).  He is easy going (me, not so much).  He gets bored easily and prefers to be on the go all the time (I would love to have 5 minutes to sit in total silence all by myself).  Together we are two parents (both teachers) who have the same values, respect for each other, love for our kids and an appreciation for the little things in life...a strong team.  

My favorite fall/Halloween book is Where's My Mummy?  I like to use this book to kick off a writing activity about the things your mom does to help you feel comfortable when you are scared.  

Head on over to link up with Farley and/or read what is happening currently with everyone.  Don't forget the rule of 3.


  1. I LOVE Fall, too!! What an adorable book! Going to have to look at this one!! Newest follower = me!!

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    A Grade One Nut and Her Squirrelly Crew

  2. It's always a good time to bake pumpkin bread! But I think it tastes especially good in the fall.
    I concur - I don't really need anything other than more sleep. So, I am going to go and work on that now.

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  3. That Mummy book looks extra adorable. I'll have to check it out!

  4. Omg, that book looks so sweet. I want to read it right now! I love baking pumpkin bread and apple betty. I miss having good apples here. We just don't have the wonderful variety we had in California. Congrats on 13 years, thats fantastic!!

    Surfin' Through Second

  5. Hi kimberly - I would love to have an extra day too. I used to Job Share back in the day and boy I sure do miss those extra 3 days each week. :o) I could do without the pumpkin bread though... LOL
    Congrats on 13 years -- we just celebrated 16 in June!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  6. Awww! I love hearing about your hubby and you!! So so so sweet!!!!
    And can I please have some apple crisp sent my way???? :)

  7. Happy Anniversary!
    Where's My Mummy is such a cute book!

    Grade ONEderful
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  8. Congrats on thirteen years! Hoping you get some rest and relaxation soon! Lattes and Laughter

  9. Happy Anniversary! Love Where's My Mummy. Cute Cute Book!

  10. Congratulations on your anniversary! Cute book- I've got to look for it.
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