Saturday, October 13, 2012

Boo Who?

I've been boo'd (but this time it wasn't for talking too much)! 
Cynthia from 2nd Grade Pad is having a Boo Linky Party.

Kathy from First Grade A La Carte boo'd me (which made me smile).

 And, I'm linking up to Boo a few of my favorite bloggers as well.

1.  My friend, Kristin, from A Teeny Tiny Teacher.  
Yep, I can call her my friend because I met her before most of you.
Kristin might be the funniest person I've ever met 
(if we just lived close enough to meet in person).
Right now "Miss Fancy Pants" is eating cake.  Go visit and read about it.
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

2.  My friend, Holly, from Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade.
I met Holly (and her mysterious friend Barb) this summer 
at the Michigan Blogger Meet Up.
Holly and I have a lot in common and she cracks me up.
She's the blogging buddy that I can email if I need to vent something that is not postable.
(Hmmm...maybe that's not a word.  Or maybe I just created a new word.)

3.  My friend, Kate, from EduKate and Inspire.
I met Kate at the Michigan Blogger Meet Up as well.
She's actually from Ohio, which makes me like her even more.  (GO BUCKS!)
Plus she has a doodle (which is something we have in common).
We also took the Twitter plung together.

If you have not visited my friends above, you really should.  You're missing out!  If you already follow these amazing blogs, just stop by to leave them a fun comment.  

Visit Cynthia at the 2nd Grade Pad to join the fun!  Boo!


  1. Thanks for joining the party! :-)

    2nd Grade Pad

  2. How fun!!!! I love this!!!!
    You were my first bloggy friend!!! :)
    BOO BOO BOO!!!