Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Long Vowel Personal Reader Stories

Just a quick post, since I'm watching my favorite team play in game 1 of the World Series!!! 

I've received emails from several of you inquiring about when I would be posting my long vowel personal reader stories. I finally had time to post those over the weekend. A few weeks ago, I added a post about how I use personal reader folders in my classroom. You can read that post here if you're interested.  I use all three sets of the personal reader stories with readers in my classroom who need extra support, extra practice and/or extra confidence throughout the year.

 Here is a snapshot of my Long Vowel Personal Reader set. You can click on the image below if you'd like to check it out at my Tpt store or in my Teachers Notebook shop.

So far, this baseball game is not going well for my team.  Go, Tigers!!!!!!


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