Monday, October 15, 2012

Addition/Subtraction Key Words Freebie

It's Monday. It rained. And my super sized assessment binder exploded today. Ughhh...I really hate do not like that big fat binder. Never did. Even when it was in one piece. It had a cute cover though. Now, I have two smaller (ugly) binders. I split the information inside in half (one ugly binders for boys/one ugly binder for girls). I might have to go shopping or return to my old system (a polka dotted file folder for each student). I'll be the only teacher in my grade level without an adorable assessment binder, but I'm just not sure I can stand it much longer. Done whining... 

I did manage to polish up a freebie today. We've been discussing key words for addition and subtraction in my classroom. I made these simple charts in black/white and mounted them on fancy scrapbook paper. Fancy scrapbook paper and windex (not together of course) are really the best cures for the Monday blahs.

Addition Key Words Sign

Subtraction Key Words Sign

You can grab a copy of the signs by clicking on the image below if you'd like.

I'm sure Tuesday will be better.  After all, it's not Monday.  I'm going to think happy thoughts and get to bed early (right after I treat my self to something Pinteresting).


  1. I hope tomorrow is a great day. Thanks for the posters.

  2. What a great freebie, it's so important for the children to understand all the words!! Thanks for sharing!

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