Monday, April 2, 2012

My New Favorite Series

First of all, thank you so much for all of the kind messages and prayers for my students and the families who were effected by the tornado that touched down in the community where I teach. The "village" where I teach is an amazing place full of helpful, caring people who amazed the surrounding communities with their spirit and determination. While many of our families spent the past two weeks doing clean up, repairs and demolition, we tried to provide as much of a normal routine as possible at school (with lots of support available).

This is a picture that one of my students gave to me on the first day we returned to school after the sad and so accurate. Again, I thank you for your kind words and positive thoughts for our families.

On a brighter note... it's official...I have a new favorite series! It's Katie Woo! In case you don't know Katie Woo, she is a 6 year old first grader. Her books are easy to read. I'd say most of them are level I or J (if you use Fountas/Pinnell levels). They are chapter books, which is such a big deal for our little readers.

This is our spring break week, so I walked to the library with my own children today. For a few minutes I even pretended to be a stay at home mom who could do that every day.  Then I encountered some random kids throwing books through the puppet theater and I quickly returned to teacher mode.  Ha! Since we didn't have to rush, I spent some time reading different Katie Woo books, so I would know which ones to add to my Amazon shopping cart. Easy - all of them! Here are a few that I snapped a picture of in the library today.  If you click on the photo below, you will find  Katie Woo books on Amazon.

There is also a great Katie Woo website.  You can check it out by clicking on the image below.

Anyone else love Katie Woo?

Looking forward to a lunch date with friends (fellow teachers) tomorrow!  We have big plans to catch up while we laugh and talk about everything but school.  :)


  1. I've never heard of these, but I am totally going to check them out at the library! Thanks for the tip.

    First in Maine

  2. I will definitely be checking those out for my kiddos.

    Enjoy your break! (mine was last week).

    Ms. Rachel’s Room

  3. I do not know Katie Woo but I can't wait to check her out!!!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  4. I've never heard of Katie Woo. I will have to check these out!!

    The First Grade Dream

  5. I have never heard of Katie Woo...I'm on my way to check this website out. She looks adorable!

    First Grade Delight

  6. Thank you for introducing me to Katie Woo. Will need to get one and read to my sweet friends before the end of the year!

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