Sunday, April 22, 2012

Common Core Math Review

I love Sundays! This week, Sunday is the only day that doesn't have a soccer game, a baseball game, a lacrosse game or dance rehearsal (or 3 of those) on the calendar. And this girl is gonna spend an hour (or so) catching up with all of my favorite bloggers today. Yippee! I can't wait!

 Earlier this week, I posted my Monster Math Common Core Review pack in my Tpt store and in my Teachers Notebook shop. It's not math about monsters, but it does have adorable monster clipart on each page.  My students LOVE the little monsters!

I made this monster themed math pack to help my students review some of the important concepts and skills taught during our math lessons throughout the year. This packet was designed based on the Common Core Standards for first graders. In my classroom, I use the monster math pages as morning work or as a daily review or warm up during math time.  My first grade students start using the monster math pages mid-way through the year.  Second grade students could use them at the beginning of the year for review/practice.

This week, my students will be doing earth day themed activities.  I love earth day.  In fact, I'm thinking about starting a petition to just get rid of Halloween at school  (my least favorite and my principal's favorite) and kick up the earth day activities a notch.  I'll post about some of the things we are doing for earth day soon.

Happy Sunday!


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