Sunday, May 1, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Idea and a Sale!

Blogs are buzzin'...It's almost Teacher Appreciation Day! My daughter is in 2nd grade and she has a FABULOUS teacher! Honestly, we consider her a blessing and a gift. We try to tell her (and her principal and the superintendent) how fabulous she is as often as we can. Tomorrow, my daughter will be giving this jar to her amazing teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day. Let's face it... doesn't every teacher love Sharpies! And... we love Mrs. M!

Now, about that sale... in honor of Teacher Appreciation Day (and to show all of my fellow bloggers how much I appreciate all of your ideas and support),  I will be having a 20% off sale at my Tpt store all day on Tuesday, May 3.  Tpt is also having a 20% off sale that day, which means you would have combined savings of 40% off anything you buy from my store.  Use the code TAD11 for the Tpt discount.  

I'm off to finish a new product that I hope to post before the big sale on Tuesday!


  1. So cute!! You can make me one too, I'm also Ms. M ;)

  2. I'm Mrs. M too and would love a gift like that! You're right about sharpies=)
    F is For First Grade