Friday, May 27, 2011

Leveled Book Lists

I finally found time to revise the leveled book lists that I give out to parents (and teachers). In my district, we use the Fountas/Pinnell leveling system.  My lists include several book titles at each level.  The lists go from level B to level M.  I did not include level A, because level A books are difficult for parents to find at the library or a store.  Since I'm in a K - 2 building, the highest level I made was level M.

I make copies of the lists and cut them in half, so I can send the list for one level home at a time with my students. It makes me 5 kinds of bonkers when parents have their child practicing Magic Tree House books when the child is really a level B. That's why I only send the list for their child's just right reading level home.  Each time a child moves to a new reading level, I send a note home to notify their parents.  I often send the just right book list for their new level home at the same time to help parents find appropriate reading material for their child at home.  I also send a just right book list home with each child  at the end of the year with my Summer Reading and Writing Practice for Home packet.  The packet is available on Tpt.

I always include the instructions for using the Scholastic Book Wizard. Parents can type in the title of any book from the list and get a list of additional just right books to help their child practice at home. I also suggest that they take the list to the library or bookstore. I am super lucky to work in a district where parents really want to help their children succeed in school

You can click on the pictures below to download a copy of the lists and the book wizard instructions.

Hope someone can use these.  Thank goodness it's Friday!


  1. Whoa! How have I never heard of Scholastic Book Wizard before?! This will totally help those days when I *think* the guided reading book I chose is perfect because it has the skill or sight words I want...but then I give it to the kids and they struggle. Thanks so much for sharing!!! :)

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

  2. Thank you so much for this information. I would love to put this on my blog and link back to you if that is ok? A parent just asked me for something similar to this!

  3. Mrs. Coe,
    Thanks for visiting! I don't mind if you blog about my post and link back.

  4. I have just become a fan of your blog! I really work with my kids on just right books and the ones on your list I have or have access to at my school. Thanks for keeping it simple and straight. I can't wait to have the parents use these in the fall.

  5. Oh, this is fantastic! My district uses F&P also. It seems that we are in the minority. I don't find many resources that correspond to F&P. I will be a 2nd year teacher and am still learning the ropes. Thank you so much for this resource. A copy is going inside my guided reading binder.