Sunday, May 1, 2011

Summer Reading and Writing Practice for Home

It's official... I'm ready to count down to summer!

Here are a few things that might help you get ready for summer...

I just posted a packet that I'll be sending home with my students to use as reading and writing practice over the summer months. You can check it out by visiting my Tpt store.  It includes a reading log (well actually 2 different reading logs) and lots of activities to keep your students writing and reading over the summer months.

And to help us make it through the last  few weeks of school... I have another packet full of fun activities to help you keep your students engaged as we gear up for summer break.  You can also find this packet at my Tpt store.  It's called Get Ready for Summer Writing/Drawing Activities.

Don't forget that all products from my Tpt store will be on sale on Tuesday for 20% off.  In addition to the 20% off that I am offering, Tpt is also offering 20% off when you use the code TAD11.  You can combine the two and get 40% off your purchases on Tuesday.  Gotta love a great deal!


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