Sunday, May 29, 2011

Classroom Jobs

I was in my classroom today (yep, Sunday).  I was supposed to be working on a list of about a million things, because it seems like I can't get anything done with all the special activities and meetings at the end of the year. While I was there, I added about another 15 things to my "change for next year list".

I have a few jobs for students in my classroom.  Honestly, I struggle a bit with classroom jobs.  I work really hard to make sure students are responsible for themselves and their own area in many ways.  I would like to add a few though.  I rotate the jobs each week, so that students get a chance to do different jobs throughout the year. I took this picture of my "job pockets" a few days ago. A few of the jobs are not in the picture.  I made a new sign for next year. Using laminated library pockets with their names on craft sticks is easy for me to manage, so I'll continue with that system for next year.

The "jobs" in my classroom this year included:  book bags, snack drinks, lunch cards, attendance cards, paper passers, book shelf keeper, morning message checker.  The picture only shoes a few of the jobs and I made a new sign recently.  Next year, I'd like to add a few.  If you have "jobs" in your room are willing to share your "jobs", I'd love to hear about them!

Click on the picture below if you'd like to download the new sign that I will be using for next year.

Off to bed, so I can wake up early to get ready for my favorite parade of the entire year.  The Memorial Day parade where my family lives is AMAZING!  I cry every year... a proud, happy cry of course.

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  1. WOW! A Sunday! Some of my jobs are the same as yours. I also have a librarian-keeps our class library straight and takes books to the library for me. Word wall helper- Keeps my word wall straight and tidy because it is on my magnetic board. Bathroom monitors, line leader and caboose, special helpers, door holders etc..I have a lot..every kid has a job every week. Thanks for the sign!!

  2. I also have table cleaners who wipe down our tables at the end of the day! Line leader, which is the most sought after job! Door holder so that I can lead my class and not have to worry about holding the door. Flag leader, who leads us in the pledge of allegiance. And calendar helper who leads our calendar time. Classroom jobs are the best! Thanks for sharing how you've organized yours!

    Miss Kindergarten

  3. Not sure if it is needed in first, but in K we have shoe helpers that help tie shoes for kids that don't know how! That's a huge help! White board eraser (end of day), Pencil sharpener- sharpens all pencils in the unsharpened "basket" and moves them to the "sharpened" basket.

  4. My FAAAVorite helpers are the scrap patrol. I usually pick 2-3 kids to be part of the scrap patrol since it's a big job. They go around and pick up any scrap paper, pencils/crayons and such on the floor before we leave the classroom each day. They help me out soooo much! And it keeps our room looking nice! =)

  5. My favorite jobs that seem to be the biggest help to me are teacher's helper (takes notes and lunch money to office), remote helper (turns on/off the projector), board eraser, and sweeper. I have a cute duck broom so sweeper is a job the kids really want.

  6. I haven't had classroom jobs for a couple of years now, but I do have one helper each day who kind of does it all. I'm thinking of reintroducing more jobs next year. I had a light monitor who turned the lights on and off as needed and made sure they were off when we left the room. I also had a "squirts" helper who was in charge of giving hand sanitizer when we needed it.

  7. We have many jobs in our room and they are changed every Monday morning. So, if someone doesn't get a job this week they will have one next week. They are, line leader, locker helper, scissor helper, math helper (we have a lot of manipulatives to pass out), milk helper, library helper (they bring all the books to the library first thing in the morning on library day), messenger, mail helper and our door helpers are always the second child in line. Hope this helps.

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  9. Sorry for the long post here, but this is my list for this year (I have had only 2 jobs for the last 2 years, but this year am returning to the job rotation involving more participation. I think it is better for the children! ;)
    - Holly @
    Neat Nuts - will make sure there are no papers on the floor at the end of the day.
    Book Bug - makes sure that the books are neat in the reading center at the end of the day.
    Pencil Patrol - collects pencils and puts them in the sharpen jar.
    Board Brightener - Wipes the boards clean with the eraser.
    Star Supervisor – Gives members in winning group one sticker at the end of the day.
    Table Tidier – Wipes tables after lunch.
    Spotless Sweeper – Uses the broom to clean the floor at the end of the day.
    Caboose – Ends the line, turns off the light, checks with teacher for keys, and shuts the door.
    Line Leader – Heads the line.
    Door Holder – Holds any door until the end of the line and then returns behind Line Leader.
    Teacher Assistant – Collects/distributes papers, assists with absent student work, etc.
    Gardener – Mists the plants at dismissal time.
    Technician – Turns computers on/logs in daily and shuts them down each afternoon.
    Messenger – Runs errands
    Banker – Works as the bank teller on shopping days
    Substitute – performs jobs for absent students
    Carpet Connector – Puts down carpet spots before meeting and puts them up after meeting.
    Litter Eliminator - Takes trash bags out to the hall and places in cans.