Saturday, November 26, 2011

Short Vowel Personal Reader Stories

I use personal reader folders with many of the students in my room each year. Each student in my room (who is not already reading above grade level at the beginning of the year) has their own personal reader folder. I select short stories with simple patterned text (that I write myself) to include in each students folder, depending on their individual needs. During small group time, students work with their personal reader folders as part of their guided reading time. The personal reader folders are just a simple folder on the outside.

This is a picture of one of my personal reader folders.
Repetition, repetition, repetition.... and focused text selection are the reasons that I use personal readers with my students. You can find an old post about my first set of personal readers stories by clicking here.

I have two different sets of personal reader stories available to purchase at my Tpt and Teachers Notebook shops.  Both sets (and all of my other products) are on sale for 15% off from now through Monday, 11/28. 
This is the first set.  It focuses on basic sight words.
This is the new set and it is a bit more difficult than the first set.  It focuses on short vowel word families and basic sight words.

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  2. These are so great! I have some students that would really benefit from using these. Thanks for sharing!

    A Day in First Grade

  3. wow. I love this!! personal reader stories-great concept!!

    I think your blog is great! Thanks for sharing all your fantastic ideas.

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