Monday, September 19, 2011

You Know Your Kid Has an Outstanding Teacher When...

I can't tell you how incredibly grateful I am that my own children have such amazing teachers. This quote from son after school today is a tiny bit of evidence.

Me: Donavon, how was your day?

Donavon: Good, except for one part. Jack (name change) lost his tooth right in the middle of reader's workshop!

Me: Well, that's exciting! Nothin' bad about that.

Donavon: Yes, there is! We were trying to build stamina.

Donavon is 5. He is in Kindergarten. And I'm sitting here cryin' happy tears. My 5 year old is excited about building stamina in reader's workshop!!!! We are truly blessed and super grateful. Thank you, Mrs. R!!!!!


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  2. I'm also giving you the Versatile Blogger award!

    Rowdy in First Grade