Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Vacation Full of Happy Memories

I'm back (but thanks to my "scheduled" posts...maybe you didn't notice I was gone). Somehow, I let my husband talk me into a 15 day vacation during the two weeks before I have to go back to school. It's official... he was right (this time).  Plus, it turns out that prices were much less expensive in the month of August.  It was so nice to get away and relax with my family one more time before we all start back to school. I do LOVE back to school time, but it is magnified at our house by the fact that we are both teachers.  Luckily, I was able to get my room "almost" ready before I left for the trip.

We started with a trip to Georgia to visit both of my college roomies. I saw a Sonic made me think of many of you. It also cleared up some confusion. I must confess, I thought it was just drink (not a franchise drive in eatery). I honestly though ya'll were buying those drinks at a gas station or something. Good golly, Miss Molly! Turns out we even have a few here in Michigan. Obviously, not in my area of the state.

After our visit to Georgia, we took our kids to Disney (their first time) for a few days. They were so excited! Those few days were packed full of fun, but my favorite part of the Disney visit was how grateful my kids were to be there. They thanked us several times each day and really seemed to understand that we are lucky to be able to take them there.

Marissa and Donavon with Princess Jasmine

The final part of our trip was a cruise to the Bahamas.  We left the island the day before Irene visited, thank goodness.  We met up with friends from New York on the cruise and our families enjoyed 5 days of sun, fun, relaxation and way too much food.

Marissa - Half Moon Cay, Bahamas
Donavon getting dance lessons from his big sister.
My relaxed and happy family!

Now, it's time to get back to business around here.  My first official teacher day is tomorrow, so I'm off to spend a few hours in my room today. 

I will be having a back to school sale at my Teachers Notebook Shop later this week.  I'll post more details about that very soon...


  1. Welcome home! Looks like so much fun!!! :) Your Sonic comment cracked me up! They are few and far between here in California but I have to stop if I see one. (I grew up in Oklahoma and they're everywhere there. Not to mention, a popular teenage hangout!)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

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