Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Principal for the Day

For 3 days, 3 teachers took turns substituting for our principal 
while he was at a conference last week.
This is a true story, although I can really only share parts.
Thursday was my day.

I love teaching.
However, being the principal is a totally different experience
than my "normal" day.
Especially, when you are filling in the for the Principal of the Year!
Seriously, he is really the Principal of the Year
(the kind you get nominated for, voted in and awarded lots of awards for).
He's also superman (I mean - Zero the Hero).
He'll do just about anything for the kids.

So, last Thursday was my day to give it a try.
One of the kindergarten teachers tried it on Wednesday and she did a fine job.
Then came Thursday...

I started off the day by reading his substitute plans 7 times (good luck).
Then I bought flowers for the secretaries.
Let's face it, the whole place could start to crumble
and these two ladies could have it all back in order before anyone noticed
(and they would still be wearing those beautiful smiles).
We'll call them Wonder Women (WW).

Before school started, I considered whipping up some curtains to bring some color to his fancy office.

Suddenly, that seemed like a bad idea, since I had to gather all the gear for morning bus duty.

The WW didn't really think I needed the mega phone,
but since I'm so short and don't know every single kids name
(like Mr. Principal of the Year does - for real),
I decided to take the megaphone in case I needed to yell out something official.
The WW insisted that the pink vest was not an option,
 although I felt like a pig in a pink blanket in that dress/vest.

I can't tell you how I really spent my morning,
since the office work involves top secret confidential student kind of stuff (TSCSKS).
But, let me just tell you...I did not feel like a secret agent.

I did feel well prepared for lunch room duty though.
whistle to get their attention (check)
rubber gloves so I could avoid slimey trash (check)
windex because I take it everywhere (check)
giant trashcan to help me look official (check)
headphones to block out the thunder - which I think might be little people voices (check)

Would you believe that I didn't actually have time to help in the lunchroom much on my big day?
Turns out I was busy with TSCSKS.
But, boy was I prepared - just in case.

And after spending my day doing TSCSKS I spent several minutes jumping before I went home.
Not jumping for joy that I was heading back to my normal life on Friday.
Jumping up and down to try to hang up the pink vest
after bus duty at dismissal.
Zero the Hero is much taller than I am
and so are the hooks in his office.

I'm happy to report that Mr. Principal of the Year is back in action this week.
Three cheers for principals everywhere
and an extra big one for Mr. Principal of the Year
and our Wonder Women!
Thanks for leading us!


  1. haha. I'm sure you did a great job. You couldn't pay be enough to be a principal.

  2. Loved reading this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And I think I love your principal.

  3. Sounds like a busy day! I'm sure you'll be glad to put your feet up this weekend.