Saturday, December 14, 2013

No Elf on My Shelf

Hello. My name is Kimberly and I do not have an elf on my shelf. 
 It's true. 
Over the past two years, I started to think I might be the only mom in 
America without an elf on my shelf. 
Just this year, I realized that I might now be the only teacher 
without an elf on my shelf. 
To be honest, I'm trying to get rid of some of the cr*p on my shelves. 
Please know that I do love the idea...just not the time required 
to manage the whole thing.
I know, kids love it.
I still have no plans to put an elf on my shelf.
Call me a party pooper...but, really I'm learning (slowly) to prioritize.
The truth is that I just can not do everything.
I know, right?  Ughh...why did it take me 40 years to figure that out?

The truth is that I want to have an instagram account (or is it an app? Ha!).
And...I wish I knew how to DVR
(but I can't figure out if you need a machine for that).
And...I've never heard of most of the reality TV shows 
that are mentioned on some of my favorite blogs.
And... for almost a year I truly thought Downton Abbey was a show about nuns.

This year, I've learned that being me (the mom without an elf on her shelf, who doesn't know how to DVR and who was slightly disappointed that there were no nuns on Downton Abbey) is really ok. 
I do other stuff and some of it I do really well.  Some of it, I'm workin' on improving.
I'm just plain me...the mom/teacher without an elf on her shelf.

In the world of teaching, being a working mom, blogging and Pinterest-perfect ideas 
it is easy to feel like you are missing out in some way if you don't jump at every idea/event/opportunity.
It's important for me to remind myself that being me is good enough, 
because I know that I am doing everything I can 
to balance and prioritize this crazy life that I am blessed to live.
Life is good - even if you don't have an elf on your shelf. 


  1. No elf in my house, nor my classroom, either! I am actually feeling so overwhelmed by stuff right now in my home and my classroom, so I feel like a great goal for myself right now is to simplify.
    I am with you on this. :)

  2. No Elf on my shelf either in my class or house! My students are so excited with Winter programs and class parties that an Elf in my class would just be too much. I can just imagine the chaos it would create and all the extra work I would have to do. I do other activities and lessons with my students that are also fun. No Elf needed in this class. =)

  3. I feel the same way about getting my nails done. Every bodies doing it but me. It just creeps me out!!!
    No need to conform to everything, just be you!
    Merry, Merry!

  4. There's no elf on my classroom shelf either. Less is more.

  5. I don't have one either!! I do find myself chuckling though at how creative people are with their elves.

    First Grade Lyons' Den

  6. Be proud you have not succumbed to the Elf on the Shelf (aka bribery for good behavior) at home or at school. I am stunned from looking at teacher blogs at how many teachers celebrate Christmas in the classroom. We haven't done that for years, as it would exclude 50% of our students who do not celebrate Christmas. There is so much that can be done with winter, snow, snowmen, etc... For the most wonderful alternative elf idea, check out this delightful post on The Imagination Tree.

  7. I don't do the Elf on the Shelf either. Last week and this upcoming week we start the day with the students sharing what their Elf on the Shelf has done at home. They are excited to share.

  8. No Elf on the Shelf at my home or I my classroom either. Thanks for sharing. I was starting to feel the pressure, but knew I just didn't want to do it. Happy holidays!

  9. I love your blog post! I too also thought I was the only teacher and mom without an elf! I'm managing just fine without one, so I must be doing something right. Thanks for speaking up and sharing.

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  10. Clearly you are NOT alone with the elf business! No elf in my classroom. I tried it once. It was more work for me, and I really didn't think it was necessary.
    I have a small Christmas tree in my classroom and wrap all my December read alouds so we can open a literary "present" each day. Much more spirited and it works for me!
    Merry Christmas!
    Colleen :-)
    Fun and Fearless in First

  11. Hi! No "elf on my shelf" at home with 7 and 9 year old or in my first grade classroom either! You are not alone! It's OK!

  12. I loved this. It is always about finding the balance. I do have an elf on the shelf and find it very fun. But, I still don't have my tree up because it feels like such an overwhelming, time consuming chore. It will be up before Christmas and there until February because it feels like an overwhelming, time consuming chore to take it down :)

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