Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Currently, I'm 3 Days Late

No, not my period. 3 days late for Farley's Currently. How could I be number 288ish if I'm only 3 days late? That girl knows how to throw a party!  Late to the party...but here I am.

During this busy season, I'm trying really hard to look around and enjoy each event, each moment, each opportunity to be with the people who mean the most to me.  I will enjoy the twinkle of holiday lights, smile when I see my students faces light up at the mention of Santa Claus and cherish the time with my own family.

Now, off I go to find out what all 288ish of the others who arrived at the party on time (or not quite as late as me) are currently doing!  You can visit Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade to catch up with everyone or join the fun!

More Technology Tuesday next week...


  1. I hear you on staying in my PJ's for one whole day over winter break! I am with you sister!
    Also, I had to chuckle about your "hiding the Baby Jesus" point! My chocolate Lab used to "adopt" the Baby Jesus for us and we'd find it tucked in the couch cushions or under his blanket! Too funny!

  2. I feel the same about the tree! We have had ours up and we decorated great the first night, but still have to put lights on it!

  3. Happy Holidays! We have had our tree up for a week and half. My daughter just could not wait! So it was up for Thanksgiving...definitely the earliest I've ever put it up.

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  4. You're further along than I am. I have yet to put up my tree!

  5. I was late to the party too:( It happens.Wrapping is my favorite part too....now I just need someone to do the shopping for me:)

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  6. I feel your pain on the tree! Our's has been up for a week, without a decoration on it! Plus I had to buy a gate to put around it so the puppy won't pull it over or knock it over. The gate is leaning against the wall waiting to be put together! A jolly lot of good THAT'S doing! The pj's day sounds dreamy! Merry Christmas!

    Dianne Schuring
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