Sunday, February 26, 2012

De-Stressing Linky Party

Brenda from Primary Inspired is hosting a de-stressing linky party!

In a few days, my family will move for the 2nd time in 60 days. Both of my kids have birthdays the week that we move. Within the same four days, it will be the end of my husband's basketball coaching season and the beginning of my lacrosse coaching season. Less than a week after we move in, we will host a slumber party for seven 9 year old girls and a birthday party with 15 six year olds for my son. Oh...and it's my husbands birthday that weekend too. Don't get me wrong...we are very lucky and count our blessings daily. But, all of this happening in the middle of March is Reading Month is causing an overload of stress.

It's causing so much stress that my left eye has been twitching since December. I used to call it the conference twitch (because it only happened during parent teacher conference week) but this time it is sticking around. I looked up the causes of eye twitching online.

1. stress (check)
2. lack of sleep (check)
3. caffeine (check)
4. alcohol (umm... yep - check)
5. allergies (check)
6. eye strain (oops - all this bloggin probably isn't helping - check)
7. nutritional imbalances (darn those girl scout cookies - check)

Guess this eye twitching problem won't be going away anytime soon. So, while I'm trying to have faith that life will settle down and that I'll be able to stop winking at strangers is what I do to try to manage my stress.

1. blog/search pinterest
2. snuggle my kids
3. knit (I've been working on the same lap blanket for a year. Ha!)
4. read low stress books (I've read the Little House on the Prairie chapter books hundreds of times. I do read more sophisticated things, but not with this kind of stress lurking.)
5.throw things away
6. make lists of things I already did and cross some of them off to make myself feel better! :)
7.walk my dogs
8. make jewelry
9. watch the hoarder show - that makes me feel way better
10.go shopping!

What do you do to de-stress? Link up with Brenda or at least head over to visit to read about all the de-stressing going on with our bloggy friends.


  1. Moving is so stressful! We are going to be moving this summer, and I am already dreading it...ugh! Good luck!!!

    Teachery Tidbits

  2. Oh my--- I feel for you! Of all the ideas I've read being posted...I think there's one common theme: do something that's just for YOU. I hope you take that to heart. You've got a lot going on! Thanks for linking up! I love your tips!!
    Primary Inspired

  3. I have a left eye twitch, too! lol.
    Good luck with your March adventures!!

    Oh My Little Classity Class

  4. I feel for you! At least you have ways to de-stress... that's what I'm trying to figure out at the moment! My only way of coping at the moment is to just go to sleep and I'm not sure that completely helps but I feel like I don't have time to destress.

    On a lighter note, I can't believe you watch Hoarders to destress! I think that's hilarious... watching that show makes me look around my apartment and get stressed out. Haha!


    The Mis-Adventures of a First-Year Teacher

  5. Holy moly! I wish I could help you out in some way . . . because, well, I'm not even sure if I could join this party without people getting mad at me and saying that I have no stress. I'm a little worried about taking a financial class on Tuesdays because I've already got Bible Study on Thursdays. TWO THINGS IN ONE WEEK? I don't know . . . see??? I think people might get mad at me.
    Let me know if I can help you with any of this in any way.
    Although I don't knit. Or shop. But I am excellent at throwing things away!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  6. Wow! That is just WAY too many things. I thought I was stressed. Nope, I can't complain at all!
    Dragonflies in First

  7. Wow!You are stressed! I'm so sorry! But, sounds like you have some great coping ideas.

  8. OHH! I get those eye spasms every once in a while...sooooo annoying because no one else can see it, but you can def. feel it!! I got them way more when I was teaching, and now, only once in a while...hahaha! Oh, what life will throw at us! I found your blog on First Class Teacher and I am your newest follower!!

    Your stress relief list is almost the same as mine...hehehe..I used to waste time on Zynga games, but those games can be soooo addicting! I have cut them out completely and focused on my graphic arts and teaching resources...Blogging is also such a great stress release! You can chat with all your friends without ever having to get dressed (-;


    The 3AM Teacher