Friday, February 24, 2012

Customer Appreciation Sale

I'm grateful for all the followers who have left me such nice comments and sent such nice emails lately.  To show my appreciation and celebrate the launch of the Everything's Primary Virtual Teaching Expo, I'm having a sale!  You can visit either of my shops by clicking on the links in my sidebar.

Tomorrow is a big day!  It's the launch of the Everything's Primary Virtual Teaching Expo.  I'm a featured presenter for this expo.  They even made little old me an official looking logo thingy with my picture on it.  Imagine -ha! Here it is...

It's not too late to purchase a ticket (for only $14.95).  You can watch the presentations at your convenience on your own computer and you'll get a goodie bag full of free digital downloads for registering. 

Join me here tomorrow for a discussion related to my presentation topic - supporting struggling readers!


  1. You've always been big time . . . but this takes the cake!!! :) :) :) Love your official looking badge. :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  2. You have some good information. The blog looks great, I love the kids.

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