Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thrifty Saturday

My best teaching friend and I went antique shopping yesterday. We had so much fun that I took my daughter to a few of my favorite thrift stores later in the day. Other than the fact that my friend is also a teacher, this post obviously has nothing to do with teaching.

Here are my treasures which cost a total of $17.50! I'm often accused of only wearing black, gray and brown... so the pink purchases are kind of crackin' me up. Guess I was feeling the love of Valentine's Day.

black dot purse = $1.50
striped purse = $1
Michigan State sweatshirt = $2
dress (with tags) = $3
jacket (with tags) = $4
pottery for my collection = $3
vintage quilt square placemat = $2
vintage Valentine (which I'm going to frame) = $1

I also bought an antique library table for my new house (which I'm hoping to have soon). Oops - pretty sure you are supposed to buy the house first. Oh well. I'll take a picture of that when it's in the new house (instead of the garage at the rental).

Coming soon...I'm working on a linky party and giveaway for the next few weeks.

I'm off to take my kids ice skating at an outdoor rink in our little town!  I should probably work on some lesson planning too. So hard when reading all of these teaching blogs is so much more fun. Happy Sunday!


  1. I love antique shopping...never have time lately to do it anymore....looks like you hit the jackpot:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. Wow - what a steal!!!! Love the pink -- you're inspiring me to branch out from my black, gray, and beige colored clothes!! :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  3. Ooooh, I love the pretty pink dress. Pink is one of my favorite colours.

    Grade ONEderful

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