Monday, January 16, 2012

Penguins and Poems

Since there are all kinds of great penguin stories and my kids love class wrote penguin poems last week. First we read lots of penguin stories. We started with fiction and ended with nonfiction. We used the nonfiction to help us gather the information on the chart below.

The children used the information from the nonfiction books and the chart above to write their own penguin line poems. They also made a penguin craft. They turned out super cute! Their handwritten poems are on display with their penguin craft in the Gillow Gallery (which is really just the hallway outside my room).

Their poems also became published when we typed them and turned them into a cute little bookmark. I got the ribbon at Target in the dollar spot a few years ago. It came with 4 different colors/designs for $1. They were so proud to take their bookmarks home!

In a couple weeks, we will begin our big informational text unit and study nonfiction text features. I use my informational text packet, which you can find by clicking on the image below. It's in my Tpt store and my Teachers Notebook shop.

When we finish the informational text unit, we will start our animal research reports. My students will use the animal research report that I made last year. It is also in my Tpt store and Teachers Notebook shop.

I'm off to rack up some points for the Fun Fitness Challenge at my school.


  1. I am sharing the Versatile Blogger Award with you! Hop on over to my blog to pick up the button and get the rules!

    Primary Junction

  2. Super cute ideas!
    And now I'm jeaous of your last name because you can have the Gillow Gallery. ADORABLE!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  3. I love those penguin bookmarks! I can't wait to start doing penguin stuff next week! Thanks for sharing!
    Rambling About Reading

  4. The penguins and poems are just stinkin' adorable! Now I want to do penguins all over again!!

  5. great idea! any recommendations for which penguin books to use? (titles, authors) thanks!