Thursday, December 8, 2011

One of Those Days...

Have you ever had one of those days weeks? You know...when you go to pick up your students from a special class and you are greeted with all the negative news (as if you didn't notice that aliens had snatched the good behavior that you so carefully spent the past 3 months modeling).  Or when at least half the class keeps asking you, "Where should I put my paper when I'm finished?"  - even though the "Hooray for You" basket has been the destination for every piece of finished work since September 7.  It's when you start to wonder how this could happen when just a few days ago things were going so well?   Then there are those emails you get every once in a while...enough said.  Did I mention that the heat was broken (mysteriously...only in my room) and it's been between 60 and 64 degrees in my classroom all week?

My solution to all of this... head straight to my thank you basket.
15 years of thank you cards from super nice parents!
thankful therapy (and lots of happy memories with kids) in a cute basket

I am getting excited about my guest post (and giveaway) over at Oh Boy, Fourth Grade on Saturday!  I'm part of Farley's 12 Days of Christmas.  PLEASE stop by to visit me there to enter the giveaway!  I'm a little nervous about posting something for Farley fans to read.  After all, most 4th graders are taller than me and I have no idea how to teach them anything.  You'll come visit, right (please)? You're not going to want to miss my giveaway (and you can still enter all the giveaways from day 1 on by visiting her blog).

Back to my thankful therapy.  I wonder if these parents know how much their kind words mean to me (especially on alien snatching days). 


  1. Oh my, am I having a week like you and YES, I do the same thing. I have a drawer in my house that houses cards and letters from kind, loving parents and students. I wish parents knew how much letters and cards mean to us! Hope your week gets better and thank you for your wonderful blog!

  2. Seriously, I'm so glad to hear your kids are bonkers {I mean, not that I wish that on you - but you know what they say about misery?!?...}

    Love your "Thank you Therapy"...what a neat idea!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  3. Oh, a thankful basket is such a great idea. I've never thought of that. And ... don't feel too badly, clearly the "crazies" have hit the whole continent! Sheesh! It HAS to get better, right?

    Grade ONEderful

  4. I'm having one of those weeks too! heater is broken too....It's freezing in my room!