Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Writing Pack Freebie

Just in case you're still in school this week (like me - boooo)... I thought I'd post this set of quick holiday writing activities that I shared while I was a guest on Farley's blog last week. Was that last week? I don't even know. I'm so buried in boxes that I don't even know what day it is.

I'm planning on having a really normal week with my students (wishful thinking, right)...until Thursday (which is our last day).  On Thursday, I'm gonna get crazy and have all kinds of fun with my darlings before the winter break. 

Thursdays lesson plan:  pajama day, teacher made chocolate chip pancakes, a walking field trip to visit our 6th grade buddies and a movie (about a book we read recently of course).   I'm pretty sure my principal still believes in kids having fun for special days.  I'll throw the spelling test and some math games in there somewhere to protect my reputation. :)

Now...I better get back to packing.  Seriously, this moving over the holidays thing is horrible.  No need to feel sorry for me though.  I'm doing a good job of that all by myself.  Ughhhhhh...    A nun, who was my principal as a child, once told me that if I'm ever feeling overwhelmed I should quickly think of 3 good things to help me avoid sinning.  How did she know that stress makes me swear?  I'm thinkin' maybe she feels like swearing when she is stressed too, huh?  Probably not.

Three good things:
 1.  Even though we can't find a house to buy at the moment, we found a rental (which is the perfect size for Polly Pocket dolls - but my husband says I need to stop saying that).  It's shelter and it's really quite nice...just tiny.

2.  I've donated more this year than I have in my entire life.  I'm sick of packing things in boxes, so I just keep filling up my vehicle and driving to the  donation drop off door at Goodwill.  The teenager at Goodwill asked me if I was "leaving the country or something".   So far, no one in the family has asked me for anything that I "dropped off" without their permission.

3. My break from school is 17 days.  How did that happen?  There must have been some kind of mistake (which I am so grateful for).  And... I'm gonna be so busy moving that I won't have time to worry about winter break reading level regression.

There... thank you Sister Mary M. for reminding me to remember the good things.  I better throw my pj's in the wash and pack my syrup for the festivities this week! 


  1. You're writing is so enjoyable! I love your attitude.

  2. You really have 17 days of break???? Love your blog and hope you will visit me.

    Pitner's Potpourri