Saturday, October 29, 2011

Competitive Curse

Recently, my blog was nominated to be on the Top 25 Teacher Mom Blogs list at Circle of Moms. I am honored that my blog was nominated with so many other fabulous teacher/mom blogs. I'm also not sure if the person who nominated my blog knows how extremely competitive I am. I confess... I'm extremely competitive. Earlier this week (when I might have been campaigning for votes in the staff lounge) one of my colleagues asked me when I became so competitive. That's when I spilled my story...

About a million years ago (actually in high school, but that seems like a million years ago) I was nominated for prom queen. That in itself is very funny if you know me. My boyfriend was nominated for prom king. Awwwww...oh wait, not so much. He won. I lost. I was on my high school yearbook committee and had to spend the whole night taking pictures of king & queen for the "prom layout" for the yearbook. I'm so old that I can't remember if I even wanted to be prom queen (no offense to the prom queens out there). But, I do know that taking pictures of my boyfriend dancing around with the "queen" was not pleasant. Yep, that's my prom horror story and it was the beginning of the competitive curse.

Here is the good news... my high school yearbook teacher sent me a message last week to tell me that she is voting for my blog every day! Now that deserves an awwwww... especially considering that she lives in a different state and I haven't seen her since the day I graduated 19 years ago. I think she understands my competitive curse. Love you, Mrs. S!

My amazing staff has been voting for my blog too - thank you ladies (and a few gentlemen)!  Lots of staff members from the building I used to work in are also voting for my blog (super nice).  Thanks ladies!  My husband's staff (he is a teacher too) and our family and friends have also been voting for my blog. Thanks everyone!

If you've already voted for my blog... thank you!!!!!

The voting ends Nov. 8th and you can vote 1 time each day. If you'd like to help my blog make the final Top 25 list, you can vote by clicking on the link below. My blog is in 2nd place currently and I only need about 245 more votes to be in 1st place. Ha! Oh darn it... there's the curse again. Oy vey!

Please considering heading over to vote if you have time!


  1. Hooray for second place!!!! :) :) :) And what is up with that "popular" word next to the vote button on the first place blog??? Talk about upping the competitive curse. GEESH. YOU are POPULAR, too, but the word is not there. It bugs me.
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  2. Haha, I TOTALLY get this!! You girls are killing the competition though. I'm so far below!! :)

  3. I gave your blog the "Blog on Fire" award. Cuz I adore you!!!! :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher