Monday, June 1, 2015

Currently...It's June!

It's June and it is time for Currently!
Hosted by Oh Boy 4th Grade as always.

I've been  doing a ton of reflecting lately.  This June is different from any other June I've experienced in the past 17 years.  Since I am working as an instructional coach this year, there are no children to say goodbye to, no memory books, no CD's of pictures to burn, no report cards, no field day, no ice cream sundae parties, no reading celebrations, no grandparent tea, no Camp Read A Lot, no students who will "miss me so much they don't want to get on the bus to go home" and no waving at the bus as they drive out of the parking lot.  Honestly, that part is kind of depressing.

Instead, I am up to my eyeballs in school improvement planning, summer work coordination, professional development planning and scheduling madness.  Do I like my new job?  Yes, because it brings new challenges each day and I actually like challenges.  I love my new team!  I enjoy having the opportunity to work with team members who are focused on change to make a great place even better. All that doesn't change the fact that I miss the little ones like crazy.

And currently...

Head over the visit Farley to read the word on the street for June!  If it's not your summer yet, it will be soon.  Time to recover, relax and recharge.  You deserve it!


  1. Hi Kimberly,
    I spent a few years as a Literacy Coach, so I understand how sad it feels not to have a class to say goodbye to. Even though it can be nice to have a break from the classroom, there's nothing like those last moments with the kiddos. That said, I hope you're enjoying your time as an instructional coach... And that you have some time to enjoy your summer, too! :)
    One Lucky Teacher

  2. Aww I never really thought about that! I am currently a WAHM with my baby girl, but when I am back in the classroom I am totally going to invite some instructional coaches in to our special events!

    Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten

  3. Sometimes I think life would be so much easier without the responsibilities of a classroom teacher, but I do get pretty attached to those little sweeties.

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  4. I am sure that being an instructional coach is a rewarding job but I get so attached to my "kiddos" that I don't know if I could do it! I always love learning about my new babies and then seeing them grow. I need a pedicure desperately!!
    KinderKids Fun

  5. You read my mind on the summer lovin' things...I didn't list all of those but they're exactly what I'll be doing this summer! I thought about becoming a coach in the next few years but not sure, because of the point you made. Enjoy your summer!

    I hear ya on the day trip. Actually, a week long trip would be nice! I get up at 4:45 every day and agree with you on the sleeping in!

    Terrific Teaching and Learning.


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