Monday, November 4, 2013

It's Currently November

I have skipped Currently for a few months, but I'm back in action.  I can't wait to read about what is happening with all of my favorite bloggers. Thanks to Farley, from Oh Boy Fourth Grade for hosting each month.

Listening:  I have two goldendoodles.  I guess spell check doesn't think goldendoodle is a word (but I'm too tired to fix it on the image above).  One of my goldendoodles recently started snoring.  I think she has a cold.  My husband thinks I'm crazy. It's the one who sleeps on my feet, so it's a little distracting when I'm awake...but I should be used to the sound of snoring (it started 14 years ago when I got married).

Loving:  My principal is coming to observe me on Thursday.  The superintendent and both of our curriculum directors already came to observe a math lesson in my room last month.  I volunteered for that because they wanted to see someone teaching a lesson from our new math program.  Since we begged for 14 years to get a new program, I figured someone had to let them see a lesson.  Just kind of  wish that could have been my observation so I could cross it off the list.

Thinking:  Who am I kidding?  I've already started my Christmas shopping.  I love Christmas shopping (although I do most of it online)!  I love wrapping too!  And...this year we are each making one handmade item for each other.  My kids are so excited and have been hiding in their rooms working on their special gifts for other family members.  We're hoping it's a tradition we can continue.

Wanting:  By the end of the week, I'll be 40.  Turning 40 is kind of a big deal for women in my family.  Unfortunately, it was shortly after 40 that my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer (she died after years of fighting) and that my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer (she is a survivor).  I'm not worried about my genetic history (that would do no good), but I have as much of a cancer prevention plan in place as possible.  All that considered, I'd like to celebrate my 40 years quietly without all the doom and gloom of the "over the hill" junk that people bring out when someone turns 40.   Believe me, my body is reminding me that I'm not 20 anymore.  No need to tape doom and gloom decorations all over my door.  Life is good.  Every day is a gift that should be celebrated.

Needing:  A little more sleep...I've been waking up between 1:00 and 2:00 a.m. every single night for the past week.  Something about this schedule is not working. I'm super sensitive to caffeine.  I have not been drinking anymore caffeine than I usually drink (1 diet mountain dew in the's my coffee).  So, I'm guessing it's the abnormal amount of chocolate I consumed to survive Halloween week.

A little less stress...every teachers wish.  I really do love my students this year, but I do not love teeth clenching, limited sleep and staff meetings. Ha!

A Yummy Pin:  I'm a horrible cook, but I love to bake!   This is one of my favorite desserts.  My friend Becky shared the pin with me.  It's from Taste of Home and it's delicious!

Guess I better try to get back to sleep.  Happy Monday!  Stop back to visit tomorrow for my 1st edition of Technology Tuesday!


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  2. Do you love your goldendoodles?? I hear wonderful things about them, and think I want a goldendoodle to be my next dog! We currently have a Yorkie-poo, and I LOVE that the poodle in her helps with the shedding.. I eventually want a bigger dog though. I hope your 40th birthday goes well for you!! I'm turning 30 next month... another big one, but I am happy with my life, so I'm not really dreading it... Enjoy your day, and I also hope your observation goes well!
    Berry Sweet Teaching Treats

    1. Hi Heather,
      I do LOVE our goldendoodles! I would get a third one if we had room in our bed. Ha! I think a goldendoodle puppy would be the perfect friend for your Yorkie-Poo! :)

  3. That dessert looks delicious! I still have to put up my currently, but only have the energy to browse others for now : ) I hope your dog feels better if it is a cold.
    Kids Math Teacher

  4. Great Currently Kimberly! BTW, if my words are not in spell check I just add them to my hear ya-those dog and husbands. WOW..I am almost 40 and it has been a bittersweet journey. I will be happy to see 40 because one of cousins and "sister-friend" didn't make it. So you are right-life is good and should be celebrated all the way 'til the end! Blessings

  5. Our goldendoodle snores ALL OF THE TIME! She is so loud when she snores! Happy early birthday :) My mother and both grandmothers had breast cancer... not something I worry about, but I do keep it in the back of my mind. Good luck with the observation tomorrow. I still have to wait another month for mine!

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