Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Visual Schedule for Your Classroom

So the fact that my husband decided my first day of summer vacation was a perfect time to rip up the carpet in our bedroom and install hardwood floors delayed my plan to sit around and be lazy for just one day... but I did manage to finish (finally) the daily schedule words that I've been working on for Tpt. The picture below shows a preview. I'm going to laminate my set on white cardstock and display them in a pocket chart. I already have a visual schedule for my kids, but it's not nearly as cute. Why no pictures? I like my students to focus on "reading" the words. After only a few weeks of school, my first graders are very proud to be able read the words on our daily schedule. Just click on the picture below if you'd like to check them out on Tpt.

By the way, I think my husband is a little jealous because he is a teacher too and he has 5 more days of school. But, I must admit... I love the new floors and my handy, hardworking husband!

Coming soon... I was recently asked to review a book for a publishing company.  I'm so excited to share a bit about it with you in the next few days!


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