Thursday, September 4, 2014

Reflective Teaching - Day 4

I'm survived day 3 of school.  That part was easy.  I love my kids.  It's the packing that is pushing me over the edge.  Packing up all of your teaching possessions in Rubbermaid containers at night during the first week of school, while you try not to make the room look empty, after you just spent the entire summer changing classrooms, preparing for a new grade level and setting up your new room is absolutely not fun.  When the packing is over, the class will have a new teacher and I will be off to my new job. I'm excited about having a new adventure and excited to be done with the packing/moving!

Here is what I learned this week...
I probably qualify for the Hoarders show simply because of the number of plastic bins I own.  It's kind of embarrassing and handy at the same time.

Dt. Dew is necessary during major life transitions.  I don't care what it has in it.  It's my coffee.

Focusing on kids is always a good idea.  I'm enjoying every single minute with my class.  It is an amazing feeling to have the same group of kids (even if it will only be for a couple weeks).  They are just ready to jump right in and get rollin'.

 I'm participating in the 30 Day Challenge for Teachers hosted by Teach Thought.  Reflecting on my own work is important to me.

Day 4 - What do you love most about teaching?

Kids, of course!
 My next favorite thing about teaching is planning.  Not the hours of busy work that you have to do on Sundays... Ha!  I love long term planning, data collection and reflection, curriculum mapping, planning to scaffold learning and planning using the RTI model to improve instruction and support student learning. 

I have two goldendoodles who are pushing my hands away from the keyboard for some attention.  

Hope you had a great week!


  1. I think I would say the exact same the kids! Next is definitely the long-term planning. Where do they need to be? And how am I going to get them there?


  2. Glad you made it through the hassles of the school week! Stuffs inside the classroom can get so messy and you have to clear up every now and then. I agree, you have to love kids if you want to be the best teacher in preschool!

  3. Ive been always convinced focusing on kids is very good idea! ! I have noticed that children take teachers not as human beings but as heartless repressers and afraid of them and don't like study at all. Teachers must create the atmosphere of sympathetic understanding. So if students have to fulfill some assignments, they won't search for dissertation writing services reviews and won't be afraid to confess that they don't know how to fulfill this task and ask for help. Educators must inspire an interest to study and gain new knowledge every day and conversation is great way to build relationships between teacher and students!