Monday, September 1, 2014

Classroom Photos and Big Fat Change of Plans

My school has open house (kind of like meet the teacher night) before school starts.  The Michigan public schools don't officially start until September 2.  Our open house was last week on Wednesday.

Twas the day before open house and my room was unpacked (I moved to a new room this summer), set up for 2nd grade (to loop with my class from last year) and finally finished.   
All the book bins were labeled and put on the shelves.

I was ready for open house.  I'll leave you in suspense until the end 
about the big fat change of plans.

Welcome to my new 2nd grade classroom!

This is my family photo board.  
Since I had these students last year, I kept their family photos and hung them up for open house.

I use this board for anchor charts related to writer's workshop.

(My alphabet cards are from Marsha McGuire - A Differeniated Kindergarten.)

The bins on the top are for chapter book series. The bins on the shelves below are for single copies at each level.  This shelf has a "twin" with different level bins on it.
You can find my book bin labels here. I also use them on my word wall.

You can find my schedule cards here.

This is just a piece of fabric that I found that has a map on it. 
I hang it on the wall, so kids can refer to it and touch it throughout the year.

This is what my room looked like the day before open house. 
Then I received a phone call from one of the administrators in my district 
offering me a position as an Instructional Coach.







Luckily, I am flexible and good at packing.


As you can imagine, this kind of change of plans
 is a sensitive issue when you were planning to loop with a class. 
I'm not going to go into the details of how that went down.
Tears were shed by me, by many of the parents and again by me.
Parents talked to their children at home, 
but I will talk to them again on the first day of school next week.
I'll be teaching the class for two weeks until they hire another teacher.
I will be brave and keep things positive.
I am confident that the children will take the news just how I present a positive way.
Children cope better than an adults in so many ways.
And, I'll cry on the way home because I absolutely love these kids and all of their parents. 

As for the new job...
I truly am excited for this new adventure!
It is an incredible opportunity to learn and grow as an educator.
I couldn't pass it up...even though the timing is not great.

In my new job, I'll be partnering up with teachers to help them reflect on their teaching.
I'll be doing lots of reflecting on my own work as a coach as well.
In the spirit of reflecting, 
I'm going to start by trying really hard to participate in the 
30 Day Blogging Challenge for Teachers hosted by Teach Thought.

Day 1 - My Goals for the School Year
(and a few of the most important things for me to focus on in my new role)

I'll still be blogging here...since something has to stay the same in my life. Ha!
Funky First Grade Fun almost turned into Funky 2nd grade Fun at the beginning of the summer.
Thank goodness I didn't change the name then.
Funky Instructional Coaching just doesn't sound quite right. Funny though...

All this moving, setting up, packing up and moving again (to an office in our high school) business caused me to order another Stitch Fix. Ha! I seriously love Stitch Fix.  You can read about it here.

 Oh...and it caused me to return to my Dt. Dew habit
 after completing 3 weeks with no Dt. Dew cheats.  
Don't's my coffee.

Holy longest post ever... Happy Labor Day!

Michigan Teachers - Happy Back to School Eve!


  1. Well congrats to you. That is a change but that is what I want to do. I am in an endorsement program through my county for that this year. I can't wait to follow along your path this year. Awesome.
    - Sydney
    Lessons Learned

  2. What a beautiful room! good luck as you transition to your new position!

  3. Your room looks amazing, Kimberly! And I am just so excited for you as you begin this new chapter in your career! Enjoy your first couple weeks with your students and then knock everyone's socks off in your new position! Congrats, friend!

  4. You will be an amazing coach! Best of luck in your new chapter of life!

  5. Congratulations! Good luck in your new position. At least you get to enjoy your classroom setup for a couple weeks after all that hard work.

    ~April Walker
    The Idea Backpack
    Balancing the Backpack

  6. Oh my did I miss this? Congrats to you, lady! How exciting. You're so right - the kids will be just fine, it's the adults that have a bigger problem with resiliency! So happy for you and can't wait to hear more about your new adventure!


    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  7. Wow, that is a BIG change of plans! I am excited for you! I always thought that instructional coaching would be a fun job. Can't wait to hear about it! Congrats to you!

    EduKate and Inspire