Sunday, May 4, 2014

Animal Research

My class is wrappin' up our animal research projects this week!  During the winter months, we spend some time researching penguins by using my Nonfiction Penguin Unit to model the process for researching an animal. Then each of my students chooses an animal to research.  It takes a few weeks for us to move from searching for informational texts, to taking notes, to writing the reports...but it is always a favorite project for my first graders!

My students write their reports in the form of an Animal Research Book.  

I actually did not use the cover that is included in my product this year.
 I asked my students illustrate their own cover this time. 
They also made paper plate pop-ups with the habitats of the animal they researched.

This week, we will finish some testing and start preparing for our zoo field trip and our grandparent tea party.  Love this time of the year!

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  1. I purchased your animal research unit and would love to have the kids do the paper plate pop-up that goes along with their animal habitats. Do you have instructions for it? I have googled and looked on Pinterest and cannot seem to find any. Help please! Thanks!!

  2. Yes would like the instructions for it too.

  3. Do you have instructions for the animal pop-up? We are beginning our animal unit, including research and a report ... I love the pop-up!!
    Thank You

    1. Fold a paper plate in half one direction, then in half the other direction, creating four equal sections. Cut on one line until you reach the middle of the plate. Pull one fourth on top of the other fourth and glue them together. I hope that makes sense. ;)