Sunday, May 25, 2014

10 Things I Want To Do This Summer

I'm linkin' up with Deanna Jump for her Ten Things I Want to do This Summer linky party!  

1. I am so excited to spend time with my family!  My kids live in what we call a "2 teacher house".  That means that mom carries at least 3 pairs of scissors and 6 different colored Sharpies and is not afraid to ask the whole dance lobby or the whole soccer sideline to help cut out laminating. has parent teacher conferences everywhere we go since he teaches an elective class and has 254 students.  It also means that in the summer we have 24/7 family time...and we wouldn't trade it for the world!

2.  I'm looking forward to enjoying baseball games, swim meets and dive meets!  This picture is from a Rockies game our family attended, but we'll be watching our son finish off his first travel baseball season this summer.  We'll also be cheerin' him on at his swim meets and praying while our daughter participates in dive meets. :)

3.  One of my favorite things about the summer is our morning routine.  

Wake up later than 5 a.m..
Sit on the porch for coffee (husband)/dt. dew (me).

This is what my kids do while we sit on the porch. 

4.  I can't wait to look at my flowers.  Do you ever feel like being on a hamster wheel does not allow you to simply enjoy the beautiful things in this world?  I've been planting lots of flowers in our yard this spring.  I just want to sit and enjoy the beauty of those flowers.  Flowers make me happy.

5.  Visit with friends and family!  It feels so good to spend have more time to visit with friends and family in the summer.  These are my parents and my kids. We feel so lucky to have so many great memories with them and are lookin' forward to making more together this summer!  The bottom picture is of me and my sweet girl.  

6.  Use my new Silhouette!  Well, I actually bought it in January and only had time to try it out once (pathetic).  Looking forward to experimenting with it this summer!  

7.  Prepare for 2nd grade. I'm looping with my class to 2nd grade.  I'm so excited!

8.  Move my classroom.  Since I'm looping, I have to move into a classroom in the 2nd grade hallway.

9.  Redecorate my classroom.  Since I'm moving, I might as well redecorate a little.  I've already done some shopping at Schoolgirl Style.  I'm not changing my colors.  I'm just changing things up a bit so my students will feel like it is a new space (which it will be) with a new look.  My husband is also making me a table for my new room.   This summer I'll be on a mission to find the perfect rug!

10.  Go camping!  We go on a big camping trip each summer.  No, not in a tent.  I prefer to enjoy beach days, bike rides and campfires...then sleep in a camper. Last summer, we stayed for 22 days.  Our trip won't be quite as long this summer, but we are just as excited! 

I still have 10 1/2 days left of school, so I should really get back to work on my end of the year assessments.  Head over to Mrs. Jump's Class to check out the linky party.


  1. That's fun you are looping to 2nd! 2nd is my favorite : ) That is so great you and your husband are both teachers. My hubs is a landscaper so we have COMPLETE opposite schedules! I agree about "stopping to smell the roses".

  2. Your summer plans are amazing!!!! Love looking at all of your pics!

  3. Loved reading this! Had to laugh about the Silhouette...I just HAD to have one, but have only found time to use it once or twice. This summer I plan to bond with it :)
    Enjoy! Jen

  4. AAAAAH! Yes let's go camping and relax! Love the goodies you bought for decorating your classroom!

  5. I need to use my Silhouette too, thanks, just added it to my summer must do's :)
    First Grade Dual

  6. We. are. so. close!!!!! Summer is ALMOST here!!!