Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Currently in April

It's April! Yahoo for April! 4 more days until spring break for us!

Farley, from Oh Boy 4th Grade,  is hosting her monthly Currently linky party.  Time to catch up and link up!

Listening - One doodle snoring.  The other doodle laying with her fluffy head on my face. Whose idea was it to let them sleep on the bed?

Loving - 4 more days until spring break!!!!  Today was our first glimpse of warm weather (60s). It felt soooooo good to see the sunshine after the winter we've had here.  It was so beautiful outside that after school our family went on a two mile walk and then I took the dogs on another 2 mile walk. It felt so good to be able to feel my face and my toes when we returned to the house.  There is hope for spring...amen!

Thinking - I really need to be sleeping. 5 a.m. is not going to be fun.  I have a meeting before school, a sub for a meeting during my literacy block, a meeting during my afternoon planning time and a meeting after school tomorrow.  In between all of those, I'd love to teach the kids. Maybe that's why I can't sleep. What time do ya'll have to get up for school?  

Wanting - I'm getting a new blog design.  Change is good.  I tend to not change things like the furniture, paint colors, my blog design very often.   But, when I do...it's a complete change all at once.  I'm patiently waiting on a long list and I can't wait to see what my designer comes up with!

Needing - There must be people out there who are not overwhelmed by their to do lists?  Or people that don't even have a list?  Yikes. That does not work for me, but I would LoVe an uninterrupted day to work on my list.  Why can't I just accept that a to do list is not an over and done event for teachers?  It's just a process that keeps going over and over until June finally rolls around.  Ha!

Hours/Last Day -  Seems like we should start at 8:00, but 8:06 is what someone picked for our start time.  Our last day was supposed to be June 6.  But, after 8 snow days...now it's June 10.  We have 6 snow days built into our schedule.  So, we only have to make up 2 days (so far).  

Now, I'm really going to try to get some sleep.  I hope.

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  1. Oh no Kimberly, I hate being awake so early. Love your bizarre 8.06 start time, someone must have a sense of humour. Newest follower :)
    Books, Bugs and Boxes

  2. What a strange time to start! And being up so early/late is going to be tough. Hopefully you can finish close to your finish date and not have any more snow days.

  3. Um ok bizarre!! 8:06... Some one must've been on the crazy juice before making that choice!! Even 8:10 would make more sense!! Can't wait to see the new look!!!
    Learning to be awesome

  4. I am a firm believer in letting my dogs sleep with me, but the one I have now just won't do it. I catch her on the bed by herself sometimes-as soon as I walk in she jumps off! :) I have a to-do list but it just continues to grow and grow-I always have additions to it!


  5. I can't wait to see your new design. I'm getting one but I'm on a waiting list until August. Your times are crazy. You would think it would be 8:05. Ha! I hope you have a wonderful spring break. Our sb was last week.

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