Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Technology Tuesday (6th edition)

Welcome!  It's Technology Tuesday!

Today, I'm sharing a list of my favorite long vowel apps 
and a few other resources that I learned about recently

You can read about how I use mini iPads in my classroom for individualized word work here
In the post above, I also shared my favorite short vowel apps.

My Favorite Long Vowel Apps

CVC Sorts 2 by JFK4SDK

Pocket Charts! Long and Short Vowel Sounds by Good Neighbor Press

*Pocket Charts has lots of great iPad apps for different skills (inexpensive and worth the money).

ABC Spelling Magic 4 Silent Final e by Preschool University

Little Stars Word Wizard by Innovative Mobile Apps

*My favorite thing about this app is that two students can turn the iPad sideways and play against each other.  Or, I can challenge a kid to a game as a reward!

Last Friday, I attended a conference about using iPads in the classroom. 
 The presenter, Kelly Harmon,  was great!  
She was truly a wealth of knowledge 
and I left feeling like my head was going to explode from all the ideas.  Ha!
As I explore the things she taught us, I'll share some of those on my Technology Tuesday posts.
Here is one of my favorite apps that she shared.

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard by Educreations Inc.

You can use this app as a white board (goodbye whiteboard/eraser/marker drama).  You can also use this app to create presentations.  It allows you to add photos, voice recordings and text to the screen.  I'm  planning to use it for mini lessons for reader's and writer's workshop.  If I take a screenshot of a page from a book that I want to use to model something, I can use the voice recording option to highlight something that I want students to think about or to give directions for the students to use during independent practice.  The things I create can be saved and/or emailed for future use.

It is easy enough for first grade students to use to make their own presentations as well.   
Speech Buddies also contacted me last week, to ask me to share a link for an article on their blog.
Since it is technology related and I have a speech and language background I agreed to share it.

Looking for little 100th day of school fun with your iPad(s)?
The app below will allow you to take a picture of your student
 and "age" the photo to show what that person might look like at a certain age.

Aging Booth by PiVi & Co. 

Next week, I'll be sharing more about what I learned at the iPad conference along with my favorite apps for blends and digraphs.  Have a great week!

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  1. What a helpful post! Unfortunately I don't have a class set of Ipads, but I do allow the students to use mine when I find a good app. I'm excited to try some of these things this week. I'm new to the world of blogging, and have really enjoyed getting tips and ideas from following you. I'd love to have you follow my blog and give me any feedback you might have! http://insideelementary.blogspot.com/