Wednesday, June 5, 2013


We are down to 1 1/2 days of school.

My head is spinning...Since my husband and I are both teachers, our family goes into survival mode at this time of the year. I bought extra bottled water, cookies and chips at the store last weekend, just incase my google calendar sends me an alert to say that I volunteered to take one of those things to the endless list of functions for the week. 

Not that anyone has time to sit on the couch...but they would have to fold the laundry first. It's clean. And...I don't have time to inspect the picture for undies that may be sticking out of the pile. Excuse those if you see them.

 I got a new Jeep last week. I love it! It's my tattoo. Well, not really. My husband thought we should do something wild this year since we both turn 40. He liked the tattoo idea, but a new Jeep is as wild as this girl gets. Right about now, we are so busy that I'm scared to take the top off because I have no idea how to put it back on and I'm sure it will rain as soon as I figure out how to take it off. When summer hits, I'm gonna put on my big girl pants and a hat/head band/hair band and put the top down! And...I will not complain (to my husband) about how much it hurts when you have to brush knots out of your hair. Did I say that I love my new Jeep? I really do. 

 To sum up the school business... 

We've been doing lots of fun things in the last few weeks...that I won't have time to blog about until later. 

My class is super nice (sad to see them go). 
My parents are super nice (might need to hire them to train future parents).
I'm done with my report cards (amen). 
I only have a few things left on my checkout sheet (yippee). 
Looking forward to a  paycut and an increased class size (boo). 
I still love teaching (lucky)

 And the highlight of my students day today...chair washing. Yep. Every year they love it! So far, no one has complained about me asking kids to do such a chore.  My students use a blob of shaving cream and then we carry the chairs outside to the "scrubbing station" and the "rinsing station".  Then we have recess while they dry in the sun. It matches a standard and I have an I can statement for it, so I can't see why anyone would complain.

Ahhh...clean chairs (and bins).

Off to think of an I can statement for the Ice Cream Sundae party that I'm hosting tomorrow.  And...I might need to stop at the store and buy some gummy bears to replace the ones that a student brought a day early (oops).



  1. Your post made me smile this morning! I feel you with the laundry...mine never makes it out of the laundry basket! I feel like if it is washed and folded everyone should be happy! Glad your to-do list is short...I feel like mine keeps growing! Have a great summer!
    Two Friends In First

  2. Enjoy the last couple of days and your jeep! I've never been brave enough to try the shaving cream, but I may just stop at the store this morning and pick some up so my kiddos can clean their desks!

    Happy Summer!
    Three Cheers for First Grade!

  3. A Jeep!? How cool! Riding with the top down sounds like a lot of fun! Hang in there, your almost there!


  4. Here, here! Excellent post! I think we are all at a similar stage right now! Love the chair idea. I wish we had the same standards :)


  5. Hehehehe... my husband would also suggest the tattoo but yes the jeep would be better!

    I MOVED! Check out my new site:
    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  6. I love that I'm not the only one who just lets everything else pile up until school is over! My husband (who's not a teacher, and actually was spending most of his days at home job-searching after graduation) was not so understanding... but I'm always messier than him :)

    I think the chair idea is FANTASTIC. I bet the students LOVE it, too!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  7. My family won a Jeep at a Cleveland Indians game years ago and we LOVED it! You'll have so much fun with it this summer! And I love the chair washing idea!! How fun! :)


  8. Congratulations on making it through another year! June 6th was our last day and 1 week later I can't believe it's all buttoned up! Enjoy your summer!

    Debbie Brown

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