Monday, April 29, 2013

Start Your Engines!

Ladies (and two gentlemen), start your engines (or push your pedals)!

Every year, my school sets school wide reading goals for March. We usually do a goal for each grade level in our K - 2 building. Then we plan a "reward" for the students if they reach the goals. This year, our principal promised the students that we would invite them to one of our secret staff big wheel races...if they reached their goals. He told them that students are usually not invited, but that just this once we would invite every student in our building to watch our next race. He also told them that the loser of the race would be sprayed with the giant hose from one of our local firetrucks.

They reached their goals...and we gathered our race gear and set a date for the big race. We actually had to do the race in mid-April to avoid the snow that hangs around in these parts. Our principal (Mr. Principal of the Year - for real) LOVES these big events!

 Here he is all ready to rock in his race gear! 
We drew numbers out of a hat for our big wheels. 
 Obviously he did not get a good number. :)

  Now these are intense machines! 

Pre-Race Photos

 This is me and my friend Nicole (who teaches K across the hall).
We spent the week before the big race doing timed trials in our hallway.
We even used our big wheels to lead the class to and from special classes, 
to strengthen our leg muscles for the big race.

And... this is the lead member of our Pit Crew,
 my friend Kathy (pit name, Cynthia), 
who also teaches K across the hall.
Diggin' her pit crew outfit! 
I think my eyes might be closed, but who could tell with that Super G mask on my face.

Action shots
Just off the starting line (me = pink helmet). 
 It appears that I am slightly behind the racer on the right.  
I was.  They actually made me and a few others start behind those radio flyers 
because our razors were so much faster.  Blah, blah, blah.

In this picture it appears that I came in 3rd place.  I did (boo!).  Our PE teacher came in 1st place, but he was in the army and spent his time jumping out of planes...
so I'm guessin he might have some kind of special big wheel training.

Our principal conveniently came in last and was showered with cheers from our students 
and LOTS of water from the fire department.

So proud of our students and so grateful to be part of this staff.
Another great day in Dexter...

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  1. Absolutely amazing!!!
    Maybe we can find "Big Wheel Training" inservices for the summer!
    Going Nutty!