Monday, April 8, 2013

Late to the Party - Visit TBA to Get Your FREEBIES!

I'm late to the party.

Here are my excuses...
1. Pikes Peak
2. Cave of the Winds
3. Glenwood Springs Natural Hot Spring
4. Red Rock Amphitheater
5. hiking in the mountains
6. antique shopping
7. Colorado Rockies - opening day baseball game!

Do my excuses sound like a list of the fun things my family did over spring break? Oh, how I love spring break!

I also love TBA (Teaching Blog Addict)! TBA is celebrating it's 2nd birthday! TBA has changed quite a bit since Tamara (the founder) had the brilliant idea of starting this "collaborative blog" while she was getting a haircut. When I get my haircut, I'm usually just focusing on my fear that someday I'll need a complete wash of color (rather than the highlights that barely cover my gray these days). Ha!

 To celebrate two great years, TBA is offering a TON of freebies for their faithful followers (and anyone who wants to stop by actually). I was not late to the "add your freebies" part of the party. I added several of my own freebies to the list of freebies that you'll find on TBA.

Teaching Blog Addict - Ultimate Freebie

Check it out! Clear off your desktop and get ready to download. You won't be sorry you visited! Happy Birthday, TBA!

What's happening this week...

Happy Monday!

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  1. Oh Kimberly, your post cracked me up! Love ya girl! Nice to see you have been having fun with your family :)