Monday, February 4, 2013

Love Notes Linky

I'm linking up with Amy from Literacy and Laughter for her Love Note linky party!
“Lovely List” 
Name: Kimberly 
Grade you Teach: 1st 
State: Michigan 
Birthday: November 9th 
Favorite Colors: purple and black 
Lucky Number: 3 
Favorite Subject to Teach: literacy (reading groups, reader's workshop, writer's workshop)
Go to Snack: Dt. Dew and chocolate chip cookies 
TV Show: Hoarders, Grey's Anatomy 
Last Movie You Watched: really can't remember - not really a movie watcher 
Music You are Loving Right Now: I love all kinds of music... but I don't know the names of any songs (ever)! 
Always shopping at: Target, Title 9, local thrift stores 
Word of the day: relax (it's my OLW for 2013)

“Love Links”

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a blog I am loving right now:
I'm lovin' Teri's blog ...

A Cupcake for the Teacher

Her blog design is adorable and I just love her posts! 
Stop over to visit her.  You won't be disappointed! 
I could spend hours there.

My Valentine (well Holiday Decoration) pinboard:

a product I adore:

I have this necklace from The Vintage Pearl 
(but with the names of my own kids).
I LOVE their jewelry!

“We’d all love to know…”

My favorite hobbies 
or what do I enjoy doing during my free time? 

I'm trying not to laugh about the words "free time".  Do people who work full time and have two little kids have free time?  When I find free time, I like to spend time with my kids and my husband. I also enjoy crafting, reading, go camping , knitting and exercising.  I've been working on trying to find ways to relax during my free time, but I'm finding that a bit tricky when the "free time" is so limited. :)

my kiddos and me!

My favorite vacation destination
We've been fortunate enough to be able to take our kids on some memorable vacations
to places that were everything from tropical to historical.
But...our favorite vacation destination is easy (and right here in our home state)...
Petoskey, Michigan.
We go there for two or three weeks every summer.
We camp at the beach.
We treasure our time and the memories we've made there.
During our stay in Petoskey, we always visit Mackinac Island each year.
The picture below is our family on our favorite rock on Mackinac Island.
Yep - we have a favorite rock there.
 Every year, we ride our bikes half way around the island
and sit on our favorite rock to take a family photo
(with the camera's timer setting).

Then we ride the rest of the way around the island (8ish miles).
It's been fun to see how the kids have changed each year
and funny to watch my husband scale the rocks to get in the picture on time.

The best advice I've been given?
Less is more and long as you do quality teaching.  I think we often try to do too much as teachers.  Doing less, and taking the time to do it well, deepens understanding and helps our students make meaningful connections to what they are learning.

Most rewarding part of teaching?
Without a doubt, it is watching children learn to read!  It amazes me every year how much they grow and how proud they are of their progress.

What am I known for?
Talking too much and saying what I'm sure others must wish they were brave enough to say. :)

2 random facts:

I am obsessed with Windex.  
I use it on tables, chairs, bookshelves 
and lockers at school.  
I seriously feel so much better when every surface gets a windex shower!

I'm scared of most animals.  
I LOVE my two goldendoodles.
But, I have nightmares about getting attacked by a dog on a regular basis.
Yes, I pretend that I love animals at school. 

The Loves of My Life:

My family - good golly Miss Molly...LOVE them!

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  1. Doesn't Hoarders make you feel okay about life? Ha!!!!

  2. Petosky is right up the lake from me! Aren't we blessed to call Michigan home?!
    Owl Things First

  3. I enjoyed your post about the things you love! I can never remember the names of song either! Love your family pictures. :)
    Conversations in Literacy

  4. i love writing love notes for him. It's a more personal way of expressing my feelings,